Daming Song is really bitter this time,He never expected,Why did I meet such a bastard?,Take the initiative to find death,He also looks righteous and awe-inspiring,Don’t you really know how to write dead words??

“it is good!If I don’t kill you today,Do you really think Lao Tzu is a kind person?!Die!”
The voice has not fallen,Daming Songyun light pattern power,A punch hit Lu Menglin’s chest。
This person has 37 levels of strength,In the C group of each gang,It’s very tough,This punch,Faintly with the sound of wind and thunder,Powerful。
If this Lu is not strong enough,I’m afraid I will be seriously injured by the opponent!
In an instant,Everyone watched this scene happen。
Tu Shanming’s shoulders swayed slightly,Forcibly resisted the urge to shoot。
Because he thinks this mouth cannon is so annoying,If there is no hole card,Die if you die,After going in,Aoki will cause more trouble。
Huang Shaotian motionless,Just sitting on the sidelines。
A silly bird of level 37,If Wu Hao can be beaten, it will be a ghost!
Wu Hao was killed all the way from Tianzun God City,At that time there were at least three level 40,Dozens of people didn’t stop him,For Wu Hao’s combat power,Huang Shaotian is full of confidence。
Seeing this punch is about to kill the gun king,Daming Song suddenly felt a flower in front of him,The whole person seems to rise into the air。
Wait till he recovers,The whole person is dumbfounded。
Because he suddenly discovered,I was among the people of Aoki Club,All around are the gangs of the Aoki Society,Everyone looked at him with malicious eyes。