“Going right now?”Populus euphratica eyes slightly widened。

Old Shen is a little embarrassed,It’s almost twelve now,Lao Yan is in a hurry。But the person who knew him,I know what I don’t want him to do,Have to have insomnia tonight。
“He is impatient,Understand,After all, it is a legendary painting,I believe no one in the calligraphy and painting world will be unexcited。”Old Shen said。
then,Everyone go out again。
The live broadcast room is boiling,Buy one get one free!
and,Most likely still a lost painting,This is big news,Maybe it’s like《Yongle Festival》That way,Everyone has the fate to witness it reappear in the world。
therefore,Some viewers who originally planned to sleep continue to stay。and,News gradually spread on the platform,Attract more and more viewers。
Baiyun Mountain Guild,Boss Yang was pulled from the house to the guild by Zhuang Fan。
“Run it,To let more people know about this,Came to watch。”He said。
“If after uncovering,What to do if there is no painting?Won’t you smash Brother Hu’s sign??”Operation Xiao Chen worried,Raise one’s worries。
If you can reveal the painting,Whether it’s Zhanziqian’s authentic,No one is accounting,After all, there is a layer of paper,Who can tell?Understandable。
but,If not,That is slap,The more people know,The worse for Hu。
“I believe Brother Hu,Let it go!”Yang Hanmin has confidence in Populus。after all,Hu Yang never let them down。
then,The guild consulted with the platform staff。The platform originally planned to favor Populus,Have such a gimmick,How can I let it go,They remember《Yongle Festival》Things,Added a lot of users to the platform,And this sweetness,Of course you can’t let it go。
Even late at night,They also started work immediately,Hang recommendation,Promote this,Let the whole platform know。
“Give another system notification recommendation!”A senior management of the platform speaks。
system notification,Will be displayed in all live broadcast rooms,Regardless of the anchor or the player,Can be seen for the first time,There is also a direct train to the live broadcast room of Populus。
This recommendation,Benefits only available to big anchors。