Although Howard·Baker hasn’t said what the countermeasures they discussed,but“Nuclear disarmament”Three words popped up in Chen Geng’s heart instantly。

First913chapter I can represent the government?
Howard·Baker does not hesitate,Every minute now is precious,Finalize this as soon as possible,my ownbossCan take less pressure,He first confirmed one thing with Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,Can you see Mr. Gorbachev in the last few days?”
“no problem,”Chen Geng said immediately:“Gorbachev wants to see me soon。”
“Then easy,”Howard·Baker was also relieved:“After seeing Mr. Gorbachev,You are asking Mr. Gorbachev on behalf of the US government:The agreement we reached earlier is that Mr. Gorbachev will visit the United States before the end of the year.,Is now11Month is up,What does Mr. Gorbachev mean??Is he sincere to cooperate?”
It seems that Xiao Li is really anxious now,He used this questioning tone directly to Gorbachev, the current leader of the Soviet Union.。
But what Chen Geng doesn’t care about is not this,His mouth is slightly open,Shocked to Howard·Baker asked:“I?Representing the U.S. government?”
That’s right,I’m just a businessman,Not a government official,You let me represent the U.S. government?
“Yes,I authorize you to represent the White House、On my behalf,”Li Gen interjected,A few minutes of anxiety in the tone evaluation:“Faxes of related documents will be sent to the liaison office immediately,This time tomorrow,Official documents will be sent to the liaison office。”
Chen Geng shrugged,Li Gen said so,What else can I do?He nodded:“Mr. Baker,You go on。”
Howard·Baker continued:“If Mr. Gorbachev agrees to fulfill the previous promise,Sure in12Visit the U.S.,Mr. President is willing to do Mr. Gorbachev a favor。”
“Oh?What busy?”
Chen Geng asked。
“If Mr. Gorbachev is sure12Month to the United States,Next, Mr. President will give a televised speech,Mainly two points:Withdraw all U.S. land-based and sea-based tactical nuclear weapons,And unilateral,”Howard·Baker says:“This will be very helpful to alleviate Gorbachev’s current situation。”
Chen Geng took a deep breath,Shocked:Unilateral withdrawal of sea-based tactical nuclear weapons and land-based tactical nuclear weapons?Time is advanced?
The proposal to unilaterally withdraw sea-based nuclear weapons and land-based nuclear weapons,Old and nothing1991year9In May, there was a public speech on TV to propose to the Soviet Union that the two sides jointly carry out nuclear disarmament“Five points summary”Two of them,Unexpectedly, Li Gen took it out at this time——It seems that the economic crisis and the Iranian incident have stimulated Li Gen more than expected.。