“Thanks for your transportation!”

Xu Tian holds the handlebar with both hands,Stepping out of the roar of the locomotive,toCPoint in the direction of the church……And Amez who stayed in place·Fez was soon behind“Prophet Virus”Swallow……
Prelude-newborn Chapter Sixty Eight Wilderness Race
I saw Amez who just got up·Fez’s body is instantly represented“Prophet Virus”Engulfed by the green aperture。
He walked a few steps forward,Every secondHPAll going crazy,He originally had a small amount of blood,Not out5Turn into a blood spurt in seconds、A corpse staring at a pair of white pupils,Fell heavily in the wilderness。
“This is too cruel,Fool’s company has something!”Feng Xichuan once again put down his chopsticks and spoons,Said。
“La la la la……Come on!”
“La la la la……Come on!”
“President, you changed your phone ringtone again?”Zhao Ping asked。
Feng Xichuan smiled,Answered the phone:
“Hey?Songzi?exactly!I’m watching,Can you not watch the Tenjin game??!I’m with Lu Yi、Zhao Ping is watching the game live on the big screen in the restaurant,Outstanding effect!Do you want to come?……Ok,Waiting for you!”
After Feng Xichuan hung up,,Said to the two people around:“Zhang Song, this kid, played mobile games with Anna for a day,Just know now‘Battle of Glory’The opening game is the first game after the return of the gods,Excited,I told him to come together……This kid will be here soon!”
“Song brother,Is the ashes grade iron powder of the gods,I must sigh……”Zhao Ping said。