Lu Si He said,The face is gentle looking at Mu Zihao。

Le Yu is watching,Slight eyebrow,Woman,She also knows,This woman likes Mu Zizi。
Muzi lifts his face does not speak。
I didn’t want to come in to bother my son to talk about love.,This will not come in.。
Mu Ziyou saw his own mom and dad,It is also slightly shocked,He has already arrived yet.,Who is so big mouth,Tell this matter to Dad and Mom。
“Boiler,Your stinky boy,A car accident,You don’t tell us,You still take us as a family。”
Mu Weiyan is complaining about his son,Hospitalized for a few days,It seems that the injury is quite serious.。
Mu Zizi:“dad,mom,I’m ok,You don’t have to worry。”
Xu Feng glanced at him,“You are all hospitalized, it’s okay.,What is the only thing??”
“hehe”Mu Zizi stupidly,I looked at Le Yu.,He leaving the introduction:“dad,mom,This is awkward,Le Yu,My future wife,I am trying to chase her now.。”
Le Yu:“?
Do you have any of him??
He is a fear that the world is not chaotic.!Is this this in the world??
As a Mu Ziyi,His people like,favorite things,No one wants to touch,No one can remember,Only him can touch,Can,Le Yu is a woman who is his sincerity,this will,Nature is a grand introduction。
Lu Si, listened to this,It’s hard to see the whole face.。
“Miss Miss,Hello!”
Xu Feng smiled and greeted。
Le Yu also smiled and greeted:“uncle,aunt,Hello!”
Xu Fengyi listened,Looking at the beautiful and generous music,Incomparable satisfaction。
Mu Weiyan can’t wait to ask:“Miss Miss,I don’t know where your home is.?”
Le Yu, looked at this husband and wife.,A time between,Some cautious,This Muzi,How can I do this??
“uncle,My family is Fan City,Nowadays, parents run foreign countries abroad.,I have developed with your brother in China.。”
Mu Wei Yan and Xu Feng look at it,All very happy。
Mu Weiyan smiled:“Really,We Mujia,It is also the business of drinks in the past.,I don’t know what to behave, what brand of wine?”
Mu Weiyan feels that he wants to understand it.。
Mu Ziyi listened,this,He didn’t listen to it.,What is her parents do?。
Le Yu wants to think,Since it is a peer,I have n’thing to say.,“uncle,My parents are operationszWinery。”
“Cough”Mu Weiyan,The body can’t help but shake it.,zWinery,The world’s strongest fifty winery is ranked thirdzWinery,World is five hundred,There is a name on the list。
His son excavated girlfriend,This world,His high climber。
“dad,What’s wrong with you?”