Li Tianchou looked up but it was Xiao Liu,No wonder the two women looked wrong just now,The building will fall,Everyone is in danger,It’s no wonder everyone has become scared,It was to protect Xiao Liu。

Xiao Liu and Xiao Huo have the same brotherhood,It’s natural to visit after the accident,But look at the tense atmosphere,I’m afraid there is nowhere to hide。
“Headed!”Xiao Liu dashed all the way down,Very emotional,Hold Li Tianzhen’s hand for a long time and can’t speak。Before Yuxing’s accident,He has been following Wenhui,Not caught up in a high-level dispute,So I don’t understand Yuxing’s potential crisis,I’m just worried that Wenhui will just ask for money,Unprincipled support Peng Weihua,Will the head be cleaned up?。
From Xiao Liu’s understanding,Just have to,But Li Tianzhen came back several times and went crazy,He agrees from his heart,Especially the conscience debt received not long ago,Almost applauded,It’s time to rectify,In Fukuyama,Yuxing’s reputation is getting worse。
The younger brothers under Peng Weihua often come around,Make it very unpopular,Even the bug’s little brother dare to show off,Grab the business of the second child,Kick off,So majestic。I can only pinch my nose,Who makes Yuxing bigger and bigger,And there is a group of fierce people covering,I’m afraid that Li Tianzhen’s name is indispensable。
But the more so,The danger is getting closer and closer to Yuxing,This simple truth,Xiao Liu naturally knows。Just weird,everybody knows,But why do you want to?
Follow Li Tianzhi and the others from Caijiayuan,Xiao Liu has experienced the whole process of Yuxing taking root in Fushan,Is not easy,Developed into a big power in just a few years,This seems too easy again,The secret of this,He doesn’t know,And the big brother level thing,He can’t cut his mouth,
Xiao Liu choked and couldn’t speak,Li Tianzhen had to comfort him,it depends,He probably already knew about Wenhui’s murder。
at this time,A short and thin man over fifty came out of the hut,Claiming to be Xiaohuo’s uncle,He sent the two upstairs to talk quietly,Also brought two cups of tea,Then quietly quit。
The two women downstairs locked the iron gate of the small courtyard even more vigilantly,Then stopped working,Got into the downstairs room silently,For a while, the small courtyard was silent。
“yesterday,Brother Wenhui was killed,Do you know this?”
“Must give him revenge!”
“Ok,Set aside the revenge。It’s a chance to meet you today,I just want to know the situation of Yuxing before the accident,Including Wenhui’s and everything you know,What do you see in your eyes,What do you say。”
Xiao Liu tilted his head to sort out his thoughts,The changes in Yuxing in the past two years are dazzling,Most of what he saw is not high,The core things are occasionally heard,Didn’t take it to heart,Various clues,I really don’t know where to start。
“How about this,Things don’t go well,Let’s talk about people first,Start with Wenhui。”Li Tianchou had to start。