I am not a taste in my heart.。

For the ghost that I have encountered before,These two vampires are willing to love,Too many points,Hard Liao Wenjie said they died,I really can’t say it.。
“Nine uncles,How do you have a little emotional fluctuation??”
Liao Wenjie:“Have you not……Don’t understand love?”
“Don’t say stupidity,I just see more.,Nothing feel。”
Nine uncle shakes his head:“I am young, I have encountered a ghost like them.,The result of soft hand is not very good,I understand them,They don’t understand me.……”
What’s up,What results,Nine uncle is not willing to mention,See their complex look,Liao Wenjie has no more mouth。
May be related to single,He didn’t reveal this.。
“We are doing Taoist,When the demon is demon, it will inevitably encounter some bad things.,I want to be worthy of heart,too difficult。”
Nine uncle patted Liao Wenjie’s shoulder,Warn:“Your heart is guilty,This is a good thing,But whisper,Can’t be soft when you start。”
“Saints still have faults,What’s more, we are struggling in red dust.,Multi-repair,Multi-volume,This is also humanitarian,Unfair。”
“Uh,I understand the nects,but……”
“Tao is the road,Light said it is useless,Not useful,I will understand more.。”
That night,Nine uncle was invited by the village head,He resolves,Didn’t be more than the village head,In his home, a good wine is a drunk.。
This time is really drunk.,Of course, it may be fake,When is it drunk?,When is it not drunk?,I am afraid that he knows himself.。
Tianming next day,Three people rushed to Ren Jiazhuang,halfway,Liao Wenjie jumped directly。
“Nine uncles,you are right,Light said it is useless,Not useful,Walk more。”
“Ager,I am not letting you get off the bus.。”
“Nine uncles,Your joke is a bit cold.!”
Liao Wenjie raised his hand and held his boxing:“Nine uncles、Autumn,Qingshan does not change,Green water long flow,Come to the day,We will have a period after we。The four-eyed brother and the text talent, you will tell you.,No face,I hope they don’t mind。”
“Jiege,You are gone?”
Qiusheng is very surprised,Monster,Hurriedly:“Not bad,Don’t go back first,I will not be late to eat.。”
“There is no never-ending feast,Change again,Take another day again。”
Liao Wenjie laughed,Turning to Nine Uncle:“correct,Nine uncles,I am placing the money,Trouble you changed to wood and stone to send the monastery,I took the benefits of the dean.,Not going back,I’m not interested in my heart.。In addition to telling her,Be sure to take a little higher in the monastery wall,I don’t know which time my heart is coming.。”
Finish,Liao Wenjie poses,Turned to the mountain road。
“Jiege,That road is not!Jiege,You have heard it.?”
“No need to shout,He has his road,He felt that it didn’t go wrong.。”
Nine uncle looks at the back of Liao Wenjie,Dark road weight,Until I can’t see it,Only rushing on the carriage。