That’s okay.,He is also worried that the share price is too high.,I will wait even,There is no much rising space,So this time the investment has nothing to earn.。

It’s what he thinks.,The high stock price is because the total stock is small,218Wan shares will occupy811Shares,The total share capital of Ctrip is less than 30 million shares.。
The performance of Ctrip is really good,This stock price is also supported,Waiting for the listing, there is also a rising space。
Wang Shenbi stretches,Also:“Last time you said that Ctrip has a listing plan,I have passed more than three months.,Are they started??”
Zhou Zhi Xiong said:“it has started,Talk about investment this morning,The second thing is this,They mean to go to Nasdaq,Just Goldman Sachs also doing securities trading business in the United States。
They took the initiative to talk about the stock underwriting with Jiayi.,Hiring Goldman Sachs on the spot as their primary underwriters and listed consultants,Officially launchedIPO。
if things go well,I should go to NASDAQ after half a year.。”
Wang Flow to see He Jiayi,Laugh:“That is to be congratulations.,Not only successful investment,Also taking a single child,This is a double happiness.。”
He Jiayi smiled:“thanks,Say,This is also a lot of thanks.,If you are not the last time you propose, I want to invest with you.,I went back and carefully learned the Ctrip.,These two business is probably going to be with me.。”
Wang flows up:“Don’t have Goldman Sachs this signboard,Old Zhou estimates can’t take this investment?,Let’s take it.,Don’t thank anyone。”
NS476chapter He Jiayi This should not be
Chat for a while,http://www.zhongkehuayuan.cnLi Xiangtao also took a good performance report,I personally sent it.。
“Total Wang,Your information you want。”
“How to come over?”The king looks at him as being awkward.,Side asked and reached out。
Li Xiangtao laughed:“Just come over with you.,Sorry is sent by me.。”
Wang traffic nodded:“Sit first,Wait will say,He always looks for me.,Already waished,I will tell him two sentences first.。”
“it is good。”Li Xiangtao should be under,Sound with Zhou Zhixiong and He Jiayi,Sitting next to。
Both old friends,The two people also laughed and responded.。
Wang traffic handles the information to He Jia Yao:“Let’s see,How’s the effect,At a glance。”
Still so confident,I have been waiting for a long time,He Jiayi also belongs to a bit of itching,Reach out,Directly bowed,Then the expression began to become more and more exciting.。
Total revenue in the first quarter1028Billion,Year-on-year growth28。
Net profit332Billion,Year-on-year growth19。
Total number of registered users217100 million,Year-on-year growth938?
He Jiayi suddenly looked up,Looking at the king of the throne:“Total Wang,You are joking with me.?Are you sure this data is true??”
Wang Traffic:“how,I feel that I am lie in taking fake data.?”
“That was not what I meant,that is、This is also a bit too unexpected.。”He Jia, a bitter, laughing。
Just watching the king’s confidence,He also guess the free effect may be not bad.,But only good,Even in his expected,This is not bad, no profit,As long as you lose money、Or the loss is not particularly,Can be good。
After all, it is changed from the fee.,I lost such a big profit at once.,Performance will definitely be affected。