Toned,Also,“Maybe everyone is afraid of the Lord and the Saint,It is harder to ensure that there will be a rumor.……”

Laughter,“How,Who wants to pass?,Is the freedom of the sanctuary,Moreover,They don’t know you and the main、The southern girl is the same generos。”
She looked at the summer,Laugh,“This competition,You are very exciting,Let the saints appreciate,So this time,It is also intentional you.。”
Summary is a little bit。
For a long time,Summer came to the temple again。
In the temple,More than ten spiritual officials,Obviously it is a look。
After the bead curtain on the main hall,Left small fish still has never been exposed。
She has never opened。
After the summer,Directly start evolution of the sky。 Between,Endless light fog is filled with the hall,Everything in the vision of everyone disappeared,If you are in your head。
Face so precious,How to I dare to neglect in summer?,Sitting on a pan,Sacrifice time,Heart feelings。
He has a feeling,This is very likely that the Soul Soul Indian drill is successfully completed.。
Mysterically activated,Attack in the wonderful world,Thunderization。
In the middle of the sea,That point soul is getting more and more condensed,Many enhancements have been made up。
Summer skills、The martial art is also slowly improved。
at the same time。
Sitting in Feng Yu in the entrance of the palace,Hawran opened his eyes。
Among the nine songs in front,Pressed footsteps,And a variety of noisy people。
After a dozen,She sees the figure of hundreds of guards.。 Feng Yan’s pupil narrow,Plug-in。
“What are you doing?,Not received,I dare to fade the temple?”
Hundreds of people have arrived in front。
Control of mixed,Not not。
Under his hint,Ding Ping’s construct arched,“Feng Yan monitor,We have to see the sacred woman,Why are the saints and three calls in summer without calling us。”
Toned,His rhetoric,“at the same time,We also question your monitoring,Feng Yan monitor,Have you completed the right to supervise??”
“right,We are going to discuss。”
“Southern female must give us an account。”
More than a hundred people。
Feng Yan’s face,Coldway,“Who gives you courage,Dare to discuss with the saints?As for you to question me,Try to question,even,You can go。”
Toned,Alert,“This time you collectively do,In any case,Participant,Be heavy!”
Sound falls,Silent。 Never thought,Feng Yan’s attitude is so tough!
Ding Pei,“Feng Yan monitor,Do you have something wrong?,Our guidelines and Qingyi Holy King are partnerships,No affiliation,As long as the occupation,Don’t say it is you,It is the southern girl without the right to punish us.!”
Phoenix,“Less in front of me stealing concept,What is the cultivation environment?,Do you not be clear?,Not only light fog energy,More than five years, a sacred king,You really have made yourself as a master.?”
I heard this sentence,Everyone has changed。