Before October, Shandong will realize the full coverage of horizontal ecological compensation in the county basin.

People’s Network Jinan August 19th (逄 Xinshan) On the morning of the 19th, Shandong Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference, which announced the quality of Shandong ecological environment in January to July 2021.

It is reported that, as of now, Shandong has established the longitudinal ecological compensation system covering the vertical ecological compensation and cross-sectional depth of air, surface water, ocean, nature reserve, and realizes environmental quality. "Whoever benefits; Who pollution, Who paid ", during the" 13th Five-Year Plan ", Shandong has accumulated the environmental ecological compensation funds 1.3 billion yuan. In addition, Shandong has awarded the lead in establishing inter-provincial transverse ecological compensation mechanisms. Shandong Province has been in the forefront of the country in exploring the establishment of ecological compensation. In 2014, in the country, the construction of the environmental air quality improvement compensation system has been taken in the country. In 2019, Shandong issued the "Implementation Plan for establishing and improving the construction of a financial reward for ecological civilization", identified major pollutant emissions regulation fund collection, energy conservation and emission reduction reward, air, surface water, key ecological function area, nature reserve ecological compensation method , Build a financial prize mechanism for "1 + 6" ecological civilization construction.

At the end of 2020, the Shandong Provincial Government agreed that on the basis of revision and improvement, the "1 + 7" compensation mechanism was formed in the ocean environmental quality ecological compensation method.

On April 29, 2021, the people’s government of Shandong Province and the Henan Provincial People’s Government signed the "Yellow River Basin (Yu Lu) Transverse Ecological Protection Compensation Agreement in the Yellow River Basin, and the lead in establishing an inter-provincial landscape ecological compensation mechanism.

After consultation in two provinces, the basic compensation and water quality change compensation is compensated as compensation standards. On the basis of the basic compensation of water quality, on the basis of the standard III water quality standards, Liu Zhuang Guo’s control section of the water quality is improved by a water quality, and Shandong Province gives 60 million yuan compensation funds in Henan Province; every watertine, Henan Province, Henan Province Ten thousand yuan compensation funds.

In terms of water quality changes, Liu Zhuang Guo’s control section of the key pollutant (COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus) index fell by 1 percentage point, giving a compensation of 1 million yuan in Henan Province; each year-on-year increased by 1 percentage point, Henan Province gave Shandong Province 1 million yuan compensation, the compensation has a maximum limit of 40 million yuan.

Shandong Province established in Henan Province, the horizontal ecological compensation mechanism will jointly promote the implementation of the Yellow River Dry Cross-provisional section (Liu Zhuang Guo’s control and disconnection) Water quality is stable, chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N) two The target of the total pollutant discharge is gradually declined. In order to fully mobilize the pensions in the river basin, accelerate the definition of responsibility, the basis protection and governance long-term mechanism for cooperation, and promote the improvement of the ecological environment quality of the basin, fully establish the horizontal ecological compensation mechanism of the basin, and agree to the Shandong Provincial Government, The Shandong Provincial Ecological Environment Association has issued the "Guiding Opinions on Establishing the Transverse Ecological Compensation Mechanism of Watershed" in the Shandong Provincial Department of Finance. Ecological compensation full coverage. (Editor: Liu Yingwei, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.