Sister Tourbine shoots a new work after 16 years, Chen Haoxuan Xuan partner Teng Liming

“Sister Tourbine” shoots a new work after 16 years, Chen Haoxuan Xuan partner Teng Liming
According to Hong Kong media reports, recently TVB’s new drama “Sister Torpedo 2020” (tentative name) was launched in Hong Kong in a low profile.This is the new work of the “Sister tortoise” series after 16 years.The studio Chen Hao revealed that although the actors cannot wear masks, the crew changed the studio and disinfected it carefully, taking protective measures.Street shooting of “Sister torchbearer 2020”.The picture comes from an online report that the actors of the new version of “Sister Torso” confirmed a big blood exchange. Except for the “senior” actors Teng Liming, Zhu Mimi and Li Chengchang in the original series, the rest are “new faces”, Chen Hao, Xuan Xuan, Luo Zhongqian, Hong Yongcheng,Actors such as Deng Peiyi will participate.The other “seniors” in the “Sister tortoise” series starring Ouyang Zhenhua, Wei Junjie, Guan Yonghe, and Cai Shaofen are currently not among the actors.At a press conference in January this year, Chen Hao confirmed that he would host the new version of “Sister Gyroscope” and revealed that his role was a police officer instructor, “As far as I know, this TV drama is like a newMy story also has a funny part.”Actress Zhu Mimi, who played” Second Sister “in the” Sister tortoise “series, also revealed that she will return to TVB to shoot” Sister torch V “.At the time, Zhu Mimi also revealed that “Chen Sanyuan” star Teng Liming will also return.The first part of Sister Gyro was broadcast in 1998, starring Ouyang Zhenhua, Guan Yonghe, Teng Liming and Wei Junjie, and found the lives and emotions of two Hong Kong policewomen Chen Sanyuan and Zhu Su’e, showing the values of women’s independence and self-improvement.After the broadcast, it was sought after by a large number of viewers, and the second part created a super high rating of more than 30 points.In the third and fourth parts of “Sister Gyro”, Guan Yonghe left the wireless due to the appointment, and the heroine was replaced by Cai Shaofen, but the ratings were still high.In the finale of the fourth season, Chen Xiaosheng (Ouyang Zhenhua) and Wei Yingzi (Cai Shaofen) came together, while Chen Sanyuan (Teng Li) continued to search for Cheng Feng (Wei Junjie) with an unknown location.Whether the fifth part will continue the story of the fourth part, and whether Teng Liming will continue to play the role of Chen Sanyuan, is still unknown.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Chen Diyan