Since we are in the magic city,It’s impossible not to meet Jiangnan,Populus has discussed with Jiangnan before。

but,It is clear,He has one more team,Lin Shaofen and the others are obviously more restrained,Especially Fang Ru,I don’t speak much anymore。
Jiangnan is very bold,Go directly to Fang Ru’s live room,Swiped two or three hundred thousand and went out,To help Fangru increase his popularity。
Honestly,Jiangnan looks average,Not handsome,Not high,Just rich。but,The temperament of the noble son,Can’t run away。
and,Everyone found,This guy doesn’t seem to have a high smile,When laughing,Unscrupulous,Very exaggerated。
“Why do you put a pen in your suit pocket??”Populus euphratica speechless。
But Jiangnan has both hands,Tease,Never let it go:“It is designed like this,Ghost knows,I guess it was just to pretend?”
Everyone listens,Can’t help but laugh。
“okay,Brother Zhang,Don’t be nervous,He doesn’t have an extra head。”Hu Yang told everyone。
Huazi is okay,After all, follow Brother Hu,I’ve seen a lot of big shots,No tension。Like Xin Zhao,Others’ assets,Will it be less than Jiangnan??
Jiangnan also smiled:“Yes!Everyone can treat me as an ordinary person。”
despite this,Zhang Qingliang and they still haven’t fully let go。
According to Zhang Qingliang’s plan,I want to take Hu to other antique markets,But Jiangnan is a bit domineering,Change the itinerary directly:“Those places,Go later,Nowadays,I will take everyone to another fun place。”
“Where?”Hua Zi couldn’t help asking。
Even this rich second generation,All said it was fun,That should be interesting。
“Century Cruise,have you heard of it?”Jiangnan asked。
Zhang Qingliang and others shook their heads,Little knowledge about cruise ships,Like Huazi,Haven’t even been to a cruise ship,So as soon as I heard this suggestion,I’m heartbroken right away。
Populus euphratica,I have heard of it:“Won’t take everyone to gamble?”