Zhou Xingchi is a movie star on Hong Kong Island,Comedy genius,But he still has an identity,Is a big fan of Bruce Lee,He loves kung fu is a well-known thing。

now,The Muay Thai king on the stage is extremely insulting to Chinese Kung Fu,I heard everyone angry,But at this time Zhou Xingchi stood up。
What is he going to do?Is he going to challenge the terrifying Muay Thai king in the ring??
Just a lot of stunned kung fu,Lu Menglin has already stepped past the front row,Towards Zhou Xingchi。
Zhou Xingchi looks solemn,A look of solemnity,Obviously made up his mind,Going to the ring。
Although his kung fu obviously didn’t reach home,Not only is it not the opponent of the Muay Thai King,I am afraid that even Wing Chun Zhang Tianqiao is not as good as,But he is the one who dared to stand up。
Just a blood,Only by the love of Kung Fu,Zhou Xingchi will be in the ring,Do your last bit of effort。
He took a deep breath at Zhou Xingchi,Try to overcome the fear in my heart,When preparing to take the stage,But was easily blocked by one person。
“Mr. Zhou Xingchi,Do you want to be on stage?”This person explained what Zhou Xingchi thought in his heart,It is Lu Menglin who is smiling。
Zhou Xingchi was slightly taken aback when he heard the words,An innocent smile suddenly appeared on his face。
“Yes!I’ll fight him!”Zhou Xingchi said with a smile,As if to say a careless little thing,Did not take into account the difference in strength,And the consequences。
It is precisely because he has such a heart of innocence,Will have the great achievements that millions of people are watching today。
He will always be a child who will never grow up,To look at the problem in a simple to extreme way。