“Ha ha ha,Do you know that the only female warlord Qin Yinling who follows Master Shengshen!”

Everyone underneath is silent,Who knows who will follow the six wars of the Holy Spirit。
“It seems you know,Master Qin Yinling once monopolized three four-winged angels in foreign countries with one person,One person kills two,The other was seriously injured and escaped!”
“Can you guys!”The people below dare not speak。
“What world is this?This is a world where the strong are respected!Which rule says that women are not allowed to sit as the patriarch!”Murong Ba’s words carry a hint of energy,Shocking!
Murong Ba looked at the people underneath and said nothing,Nodded very satisfied“You don’t need to worry,Although I abdicated,But I will guide Qingling behind the scenes,Qingling came forward and said something”
Qingling got up and walked to the front“Uncles,I just succeeded to the throne and I still don’t understand many things,I hope you uncles will help me!”
“Yes,Patriarch”Everyone underneath stood up and responded,no way,Murong family is because of the rise of Murong Ba,No one questioned his reputation。
“In addition,Murong Lian”
“Start today,You can help Qingling with her”
“Comply with”
“Yuaner”Murongyuan heard calling him,Get up quickly,I have a bad feeling in my heart。
“From now on,You are responsible for some of the external affairs of Murong’s house,In addition, transfer the transfer rights within Murong’s house to Qingling,In addition, I will give Mu Wei the right of deployment to Qingling!”(Mu Wei,The top secret troops organized by the Murong family,Then the core members of Murong’s family can see,And the right to transfer is only assigned by the patriarch。)
Murong Yuan clenched his fists,Unwilling,But there is no way,Can only promise“Comply with”Murong Qingling kicked him out of Murong’s core as soon as he came back!Really hateful!
Why did you change the dynasty after watching this meeting?,It’s really interesting!
“okay,It’s okay you can go out,The regular meeting ends here”All the people below stand up and salute,Recede slowly,After a short while, the entire Murong family was an incident that Murong Ba abdicated to Qingling.,Whoever heard this was shocked。
Wait till everyone is gone,Murong Qingling came forward and asked:“father,How come you suddenly。。。”
“Ha ha,I have my plan,Do not you worry”Murong Ba smiled,Look towards Fuming“Kid,I beg you one thing!”