Go directly to the merit store,I bought a large-caliber black green sand wear,Armor bullet。

This kind of wear,Armor bullet,Able to directly penetrate a steel plate with a thickness of 5 cm。
“Boom,”The wall of the air defense system control room collapsed directly。
“come on,Enjoy the baptism of bullets,”Throw down,Armor bullet,Pick upAKIt’s a fire snake emerging。
immediately,The densely packed people fell in a pool of blood。
For these people,Qin Hao didn’t show any mercy,Because of their own selfishness,Make Crobia Miasma。
After seeing all the enemies around you fall,Qin Hao successfully arrived at the air defense system control room。
And then directly bundled up fried,Medicine packet,Pull away,Qin Hao just copied outside and ran。
This fried,Medicine packet,Don’t look at its small size,The power of the explosion is great。
As soon as Qin Hao left,The entire air defense system control room was blown up。
A wave of heat exploded,Just rolled Qin Hao out。
Qin Hao was bombed by this,The shock wave from the explosion of the drug bag flew out backwards。
“mission completed,Successfully destroyed the air defense system,rewardSThe melee skill book of Immortal King Kong has arrived in the temporary storage box。”
Chapter Thirty Three End of mission?Back again,rescue
“did not expect,Completed the task so soon,”Qin Hao successfully broke through。
Looking at the ruins behind,Qin Hao didn’t say anything,You die or I die。
The alarm still didn’t go off,Large numbers of enemies searched all over the street。
Want to find people who blow up the airport and material warehouse。
Qin Hao knows,Now the enemy has gone crazy looking for them everywhere。