“Sure enough,And the taste is really good,This is a sweet feeling, I am still the first experience,I used to know that there was a milk advertisement that it was sweet and sour.,I didn’t expect to really have such sour sweet things.。”

While talking,Shen Tian Si is starting picking up。
“Hey-hey,uncle,You also taste,This can give a thirsty,You climbed so long,Did not drink a water,Just you can eat。”
“And this is a baby’s red body.,Root can be used,Leaves can like,This is true of this flower.,Especially the menstruation is not adjusted.。”
I heard this explanation of Li Hui Feng,Shen Tian Si has some older face with some people in Song Shimin.。
“Xiao Li,We are all big men,How can you feel a little strange?。”
“Hey-hey,uncle,I haven’t finished it yet.,This flower is also a blood circulation,It is good for the body of middle-aged and elderly people.,Bruises,Wind wet pain can be used。”
Shen Tianzi listened to it and can’t help it.:“You still don’t say Li your brother.,I feel like you say this, I have a wet pain.。”
“Hey-hey,I just introduced the benefits of this.,But don’t eat more,Eat more, there will be side effects。”
I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,Deng Jiao has just been preparing to put it in his mouth,Also instantly give up。
Time,Several people are spiritual。
Repent,Songshimin is already tired.。
And Deng Jiaoguo is a panting with the driver.,Also on the way,Finally, I will directly say that the pace of can’t keep up.。
According to the speed of Li, it should be able to go back at noon.。
The result is going to stop all the way.,Hundreds of hours every time you rest,Back to the village has been three o’clock in the afternoon.。
Due to the house of the orchard,Li Hui took the Songshimi to his own homestay.。
Walking on the green stone ground,Song Shimin is also the speed of sighing lotus village development.。
Other villages have a cement main road that is already a very happy thing.,As a result, Li Hui’s alley is a bluestone road that has been paved.。
Entered the yard,Song Shimin likes it.。
Giant jujube tree in the hospital,Has a tender jeal bud。
The flowers in the flower bed are also fighting.。
Let him like the table in the court,Several people drink tea,Talk about the national event,Not too good。
I even think of if I retired.,Can have such a place to live in a very good choice。
Think here,Songshimin also couldn’t help but ask:“Xiao Li,How much is your home??”
“Forehead,The price is eight hundred now.!After all, it is all five big watts.,Ten people live, eight hundred,Therefore, many people are shared together.,But will change later.,Such regulations are not very good。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Song Shimin suddenly felt that Li Hui, this home, also earned a lot of money.。
“Then have you sold out this home?”
“Forehead,Do not sell,I only rent this home bourmed.,I will not make money.。”
When I said this, Li Hui Feng also saw a slight loss in the eyes of Songshimin.,In an instant, he understands the other’s ideas.。
“Hey-hey,But your uncle, if you want,I can take care of you.,But I suggest you wait for future villa communities.,After all, the villa community has started.。”
really,Li Hui Feng, this way,Songshimin’s eyes are bright。
“Villa community is not expensive?”
Songminmin has also made money so many years.,But what you earn is not a lot.。
“Hey-hey,Not expensive,Give you according to the cost price,How about it?”