Now Li speaks from the wind.,Just relying on the close one of Qin Xue last night.,And the Ming Di Hall with night,He felt that his brother would definitely not let go of each other.。

Think here,He goes directly to find his own brother.。
“Cang Ge,I said, but the sentence is true.,As long as you humilize this kid in front of Qin Xue,I feel 100%, you have a successful opportunity.。”
Lu Zi frowned and looked at this cousin.。
He is very clear about this cousin.,Small smart,Large smart,The key moment is even more。
“How do you know so much??
And I didn’t tell you that I am not interested in Qin Jia??”
“Hey-hey,Cang Ge,I am also a man,It’s best to get it.,I also understand this.,As for how to know,It is definitely the channel of our family know.!If you don’t believe yourself!”
“And you are teaching director,Packed up a teacher in remote hill village,Is it not easy??”
Land repair is tried to lure land days without any effect.。
“You go back first.,I will investigate this matter.,If you really have to tell you,I don’t mind, pack it, take it for you.。”
“That more thanks。”
Finish,The land was repaired back。
At the same time, he is also a few female students who directly contact between classes.,Just go out to play, please。
Among them, the girl of Zhao Bingru with his grandmother ash was invited.。
“I can’t go with ice,Last night, I promised Mr. Li.!”
“dream,I will not go.,I am ready to go to the pharmaceutical factory tonight.,Do you want to be together??”
Yao Yimei heard this,Some point:“Row,But at this time,Will it be a little dangerous??”
“fine,The most dangerous time is the safest。”
“Ice carrier,You really is not Huaxia?”
“have no idea,I feel that I haven’t had previous memories.,But I feel that I don’t remember anything.,Just remember that the drug is very clear。”
Zhao Bingru has no concealment for Yao Yi Meng’s issues.。
“Ok,I will accompany you tonight.。”
Say this,Yao Yimeng sent a message。
eight pm,Li Hui is directly following Zhao Bingru with Yao Yi.。
At the same time, he also found that Zhao Bingru is really followed by people.。
Just don’t know whether it is to protect her or prepare her.。
When he saw Zhao Bingru, he went to the pharmaceutical factory.,He did not continue to keep up。
At the same time, I also understand that Han is here.,The other party should be a lot of things,In the first time, he feels that it is inheritance.。
In addition to inheriting,He really can’t understand such a young girl, you will master so much.。
When I saw Zhao Bingru and Yao Yi dreams,He is also a breather。
Directly leave。
As for how to get the secret,Li Hui has not thought about it for a time.。
Just when Li Hui Huo,But I suddenly received a call from Tan Aiguo.。
“Teacher Li,We were trapped,Can you come to save us??”
Where are you?”
“Just in the classroom of this disco,Several girls in our class have been forced to take away,I am afraid of accident,So call you.。”