He actually feels sorry?
This is not!
So he thought about it.
Depth:I am waiting for you to share it.,The result is waiting for it.,Waiting until now,I can’t help but I can’t help it.
Fly, I will cut into the doubleQQSpace sweeps an eye。
Good child,Really low-key。
Depth:You have not sent it
Depth:I am dead.
At this time, he suddenly sounded the voice of Nan Ge.:“It turns out that you are still very fast.,I thought you were an elderly.,The typing speed is only just usually chatting with me.”
Zhou Zhen suddenly surprised。
slowly,Slowly lift the head,take a peek。
I saw that Nan Ge is looking away.,Faced with his face,He lifts this,The two eyes are right.,Nang Ge’s eyes are somewhat strange because of the light of the mobile phone。
Zhou-turn control,Do not move:“Because it is now a bit anxious”
Nan Ge nodded,Not much,Just Yangzi,Signature him to come to new news。
Zhouzhi is loose,Lower。 Wish:I am still not afraid to bother you.,Who knows what you are doing?
Zhouzhi,See also he sent a message
Wish:Don’t say it wrong,This year, many students are not very ideal.,I am afraid to hurt their young hearts.
Zhou thinks for a long time,Still decided to count,Both is a brother,How is it urgent?。
Depth:It seems that it is very good.
He recovered the usual typing speed.。
Nan Ge is sitting around him,Adjust the angle of the flip fan,Let the wind can also fan him。
Wish:Ideal score,Can only say the ideal score,Mom tells me that it is low-key.
Wish:Anyway, if you, go back to Yancheng in the past few days.,I heard the full street turning that the team knocking drums.,You look,There is my poster above
Zhou Siles。
This is still called low-key?
Jane to see him with his expression,I quickly asked:“How is your brother??Do you play a malfunction??”
“Seven hundred。”
“Where do you want to?”
“OK。”Nan brother nodded,Pu fan,Some old,“I almost in the past, I was on Tsinghua.。”
“For the last two months, you are not right, I have the same table.,I have properly in the Qinghua North University.!”Nan Ge is looking at him with his nostrils.,The eyes are full of contempt,蛐蛐 can only211The scuba of the somewhere dares to question her life.。
“Submersed that you have figured out the causality in this.。”Zhouzhi is only half a day, only this sentence。
“I blame the class and I don’t listen.,Always open a small difference。”I took out the sound of 槐,He can clearly understand the situation of Zhouzhi.,He also didn’t mind, and he listened to you.,“It’s not looking at the monster outside.。You still don’t remember there is a weekend,You call him to drink mutton soup or crayfish,He lie to you and said that he made a roll at home.,As a result, run out and wish the double badminton,Play an afternoon。”
“puff!”Nan Ge didn’t live。