“Plum blossomKBig card,Mr. Ho,Please bet first!”

He Rongsheng caught a big chip of 10,000 yuan and still in the middle of the gaming table。
Lin Han sneered:“Lose you and bet king,No guts。”
Directly still your one million chips in the middle,Said cruelly:“I am a million http://www.hzdh-mobilehome.cn bigger than you!”
“Mr. Ho,Follow or not?”
“Not with!”
He Rongsheng directly showed the plum blossomKBuckle up,Throw the cards back to the dealer。
“what happened,GamblerKWhy not follow?”
“Yes indeed,This card,Why don’t a million know how to give it a go!”
“The gambling king is too low tonight, right?!”
There was a heated discussion in the audience,Gong Daoming also said:“The main thing about this bet on Stud is momentum,The king of gambling won’t follow,The cards behind are hard to play!”
Chen Xiu looked at him in surprise。
“Gong Shao,You know stud too!”
“Look down on people!”
Gong Daoming pointed at He Shouheng and said:“I used to contribute tens of millions to his casino every year,Stud、Baccarat、Texas Hold’em,I’m not proficient!”
O Sheng on the side could not help but laugh:“Gong Shao,Are you proficient?”
“You are here to lose money,It’s a http://www.yhbjzhoucheng.cn wealthy boy!”
He Shouheng also said with a smile:“Gong Shao,Thanks,It turns out that every one of my Ferraris has your contribution!”
“I’ll let the staff give you one laterVPclient,You lost all,Our casino will also give you a return ticket。”