Yang Wenjun, director of Her Huating: Xiao Dingquan makes me feel the same

Yang Wenjun, director of “Her Huating”: “Xiao Dingquan” makes me feel the same
Adapted from the novel of the same name by Xueman Liangyuan, directed by Yang Wenjun, starring Luo Jin and Li Yitong, the historical legendary drama “Herring Huating” is being broadcast on Youku.On November 22, director Yang Wenjun said in an exclusive interview with the newspaper that the image of the leading actor Xiao Dingquan in “He Ting Hua Ting” empathized with him. “I grew up in the Jiangnan area, my family is strict, and I have high requirements for reading, so I have a personalityWhen I was more cautious, I didn’t talk much, but I had many thoughts in my heart.I felt very familiar when I saw this novel.”In the view of Yang Wenjun,” Xiao Dingquan “looks elegant and slender, like a” crane “, but is actually a raptor and can fight an eagle.” He has the power to burn. “”The story of” He Ting Hua Ting “revolves around the fate of the actor Xiao Dingquan and his affection with his father, and his love with Lu Wenxi.After the play was launched, the plots engaged in high-energy transformation and exquisite costumes were widely recognized by the audience.At the same time, the beauty of Song Li’s gentleman, the beauty of elegant music, the beauty of ordering tea, and the beauty of calligraphy are also presented in the script.Yang Wenjun said at the “Creative Exchange Meeting of” Herring Huating “hosted by the School of Drama and Film at the Communication University of China, Yang Wenjun said that” the spirit of the text is transferred “is his summary of the whole drama.”It’s always the writer’s literary and historical skills, strict attitude to the test, the actor’s polished performance on the acting skills, or the aesthetic feelings such as costumes, makeup, and scenery. I hope that the audience can go beyond the awareness of the classic Chinese utensils, the beauty of etiquette, and be able to realizeThe beauty of a person’s firm adherence to his heart.”When asked about the value and significance of this drama, Yang Wenjun said:” There are many variables in this drama, there are sacrifices, integrity, kindness, defensiveness, and there is no need to fight for faith, but每一处最终传递的还是‘美’字,以及为了正义和善良的勇气,这是我希望带给观众的感受。”Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei editor Xu Meilin proofreading Wei Zhuo