Hesitate,The big secret nodded with a smile:“to make,I’ll go in and report to the boss,Boss Qiu, wait a minute。”

Qiu Ke’s polite way:“Thank you。”
Since Qiu Ke and SAIC take this matter so seriously,Of course the boss Wu Weidong wants to see Qiu Ke,Listen to what he said,Wu Weidong didn’t sell Guanzi,Ask Qiu Ke directly:“I don’t understand this thing very well,You are an insider in the auto industry,Then tell me,Investment in such an automotive industry design and R&D center with a vehicle test field,About how much money you need?”
Wu Weidong does not hide his ignorance of this matter。
“I am not very clear about the specifics,This person、Varies from place to place,”Qiu Ke said:“But take the Dingyuan Automobile Proving Ground in the final assembly that is still under construction as an example.,According to the original plan,Total investment needs of Dingyuan Automobile Proving Ground6100 million,In recent years, with the increase in prices and raw material costs,The total investment of Dingyuan Automobile Proving Ground has been adjusted to7.2100 million,But this is just a car testing ground,No design and development capabilities,If you add this,Investment amount must at least double,And after this test site is built,Will also become the only domestic car design、Car development、Automotive basic R&D center for subsystem testing and vehicle testing。”
Wu Weidong immediately grasped the key figures:“In other words,Almost need15100 million investment?”
“Is at least,”Qiu Ke corrected it:“And is the only one in the country,Some projects can only be done here,Others want to do,I can only ask Chen Geng for help。”
Wu Weidong nodded:This is shoe shit——Only one。
“It’s more than money,”Qiu Ke then explained:“If the automotive industry design and R&D center that Chen Geng wants can be set up,We have the potential to be the best of China in the automotive industry,At that time, the entire China is in the automotive industry、Electronics Industry、Material industry、Instrumentation Industry……Almost all talents in the automotive industry and related industries,Will gather to our magic capital,This design and R&D center may not produce much direct benefits,But the siphon effect and the pulling effect caused by it,Is very amazing。”
Listen to what Qiu Ke said,Wu Weidong’s expression finally became serious:“Comrade Qiu Ke,You are not kidding?”
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。