This feeling is completely different from the previous small fights,It’s a huge battle,The feeling it brings is naturally different。

Okay,The saintly realm warriors who came to participate in the battle were only slightly injured,After recuperating for a while。
They never thought,There will be so many saint martial artists participating in the battle,Excited and unforgettable。
For something to protect,Do your best,At this moment they realized the value of life。
“Brother-in-law,You just stay,Otherwise things here,is that OK!”
“Do not worry,Ensure it’s all right,Just some small shrimps left,Can’t make waves。”
Cheng Lao nodded:“it is good,Just let the warriors of the transcendent realm stay to help you,We are going back。”
“no problem!”
Cheng Lao finished the task,Take other people away,One of them is Wang Rongping, who has been abolished.。
Take him back,Naturally, let the royal family come and claim it in person。
Not just Qijia,at the same time,Four other forces suffered destruction they could not imagine。
Others are okay,To lead the younger ones,The scene of the on-site battle is more violent than the old ones。
Mo Qilin and Yue’er are not good at solving problems with words,For them,Just need to do two things。
Determine if they change their attention,Hand over what should belong to the Zhao family in the fight,And then kill after confirming their rejection。
So from the beginning,Mo Qilin, who unlocked the seal, destroyed a mountain villa with a punch,Those people lose their breath without a chance to react。
As for where Yue’er leads the team,Meteor butterflies flying in the sky can be seen throughout the city,That is an extremely beautiful scene。
But when those butterflies fly down,It’s the crying everywhere。
Because those butterflies are igniting the whole city,A city of tens of thousands,Struggling hurriedly in a sea of fire。
For this reason, Xia Chenglong specifically criticized after returning,After all, there are many innocent people,How can this be?
After this night,Everyone reacquainted with the forces of the Zhao family in Bincheng,They just found out,It turned out unknowingly,The Zhao family is no longer a place to be supported by one person。