In his eyes,This curly male classmate can be an ant!

He is worth over 100 million,And it will increase by at least 100 million every year。
Curly hair is nothing but a waste,Not comparable。
Tang Long and his nonsense both feel shabby。
Just smile。
“Jingcheng is now a small supervisor。”
Tang Long also wears glasses now,This will make him look more gentle,Also seems more calm。
“Yo ha,All go to the capital。I heard that the houses in Beijing are expensive,Buy a toilet over there,Can buy a house at home,Can you afford a house?”
Inch beside Curly,Speak very badly。
“The company divided the house,I can’t afford it!”
Tang Long said it is true that the company also divides houses,Every employee who has worked for the company for more than three years has the opportunity to buy a house at an internal price。
The price of this house is very cheap,Absolutely not available in the market!
It’s basically a free gift!
“Really bragging,Which unit of yours still divides the house?”