Six years ago,Many forces are involved,Ye family is one of them。

Back then, Xia Chenglong was worthy of the name, one person under 10,000 people。
He and his dragon team have done a lot for this country,But what did the country give them,deceive,Even cut weeds and roots。
The otherwise ordinary life became extraordinary because of an order from the top。
Something that can change destiny appeared in the wild northwest,The country asks them to bring it back。
Seems the same as usual,After all, the ones worthy of their dispatch are top secret existences,For that mission,Many people have done a lot of preparation。
Super-high manpower mobilization and material deployment,It can be said to be no less than a large-scale battle,And all of this is to cover them to achieve their real purpose。
well,He and his dragon department lived up to the expectations above,Brought back the box they wanted。
But a few days later,The news from the top is that what they brought back is fake,More importantly, those people slandered because they took away the contents,
For that battle,His dragon team almost wiped out everyone,The imaginary support did not appear,Fight in countless encirclement。
Those who survive in the end just want the country to be well,but……What’s the use?
When Xia Chenglong was recovering from his wounds, an emperor’s plan to murder them was launched!
They want his life,Outside of them, they can buy a slapstick on weekdays,Subordinates who seem to be at odds with him,They thought they had a chance。
“One day into the Dragon Department,Lifelong Dragon!”