I wish loyal big hands grasp Xiangyang’s shoulder,Xiangyang is also ruthless in his eyes,Suddenly jumped up and grabbed Zhu Zhongcheng’s wrist relay, and threw the careless Zhu Zhongzheng far away.。

The instructors finally arrived,Only then can we work together to control Zhu Zhongzheng。
“I don’t care who you are!Don’t break your legs,I wrote Xiangyang’s name upside down!”
Was held by two instructors,Xiangyang is roaring like a beast that cannot break free,And among the instructors who control Zhu Loyalty,Some people have lingering fears,They were the first to rush to Zhu Zhongcheng,Then got a little hurt。
Chapter Thirty Three Identity
Finally separated Xiangyang and Zhu Zhongcheng,All the instructors don’t care about their image anymore。
Seven or eight instructors worked hard to control Zhu Zhongcheng,Some people are constantly admonishing,After all, an ensign officer was fighting with a Wanghai University student,It doesn’t sound good whether you lose or win.,What’s more, this Wanghai University freshman is still a girl。
I tried my best to comfort me and wish my loyalty,But who would have thought that Xiangyang would still be like a mad cow,Keep struggling,The posture of fighting Zhu Zhongcheng to the death is extremely awkward。Finally had to add two new instructors to relay,So that the two instructors who blocked Xiangyang can take a break from their sore arms。
Xiangyang is different from Zhu Zhongcheng,After all, men and women are different,And there are too many eyes around,There is really no way to carry Xiangyang away directly。
The picture seems to be stuck,Calm down, wish loyalty and be silent,But Xiangyang is still like a trapped beast,Keep struggling。
The instructors are extremely embarrassed,When the eyes meet,Will avoid it subconsciously,Then the two instructors who blocked Xiangyang had to endure Xiangyang’s roar。
There was a lot of discussion around,The instructors don’t know what to say now,They came here early,But the girls are really at a loss when they fight.,But the more troublesome thing is,None of these instructors thought,Zhu Zhongcheng who came here will suddenly get into trouble。
Seize the opportunity to control Zhu Zhongzheng and Xiangyang separately,But after controlling,Everyone doesn’t know what to do!
Fortunately, even if the voice of Cang Fuxue appears,Let the instructors know what they should do。
“Send the injured student to the infirmary first,Since everyone doesn’t want to go back to rest after dinner,We’ll come again for after-dinner activities,How about five kilometers off-road?”