So don’t follow the preset routine,Chen Wenjin can only say so:“Then there is nothing to say,Just follow me。”

“I believe。”Sister Huo changed her position quickly,just,Insincere。
“Is the sixth sense。”Chen Wenjin’s answer was no surprise at all。At this moment,He heard the sound of flies flapping their wings again。‘I don’t know if this fly is……Discomfort again?Is that an act of sending a signal?Why i feel uncomfortable?’
Chen Wenjin is ready to verify,Just continue to run with Sister Huo。
This time,Haven’t run tens of meters,White face suddenly flashed out of the intersection,Still so fast——There is no room for people to react,Already hit the sword。
‘This guy is simply not human,How can you move so fast?If there is no ability to reverse the movement of matter,There are not enough people to kill!’Chen Wenjin looked back at the white face holding the sword,Sister Huo kept her posture and expression when she was running,Leaning forward clearly,But back now,At first glance,The center of gravity in front seems to press her down to the ground at any time。
When Chen Wenjin’s gaze shifted away from Sister Huo’s forward weight,I noticed the light in her red hair,That look……He understands。
If it’s time to look at each other,Chen Wenjin would disagree,Because Huo’s acting is superb,But just now he was pulling in front,Sister Huo ran behind,She doesn’t need to act at all,Unless she is used to acting all the time to trick herself into。
‘Does the suspension bridge effect work??’Chen Wenjin secretly speculates,But not worried about it,Because he speculated that Sister Huo is a sudden strong emotion coming soon,But the type that went quickly and suddenly,Commonly known as three-minute heat。
Abrupt cessation of the reverse state of matter,Chen Wenjin dragged sister Huo and suddenly changed direction,In order to avoid the fly that I would have encountered。
‘This ability changes too many things,If the arrival of aliens is related to this power,Then it is destined to have many unforeseen changes,Can my future follow its original path??’Chen Wenjin became more suspicious of this。
Qinghe is not small,But the area where shops gather is actually not too big,More is not developed。
10 minutes walk when I came,Chen Wenjin took Huo sister to run out but it took more than 20 minutes,Used the power of the reverse movement of matter 36 times,Thirty-two of them were avoiding flies,Only four times I met someone。
Leaving Qinghe,Sister Huo pointed the way down to a farm bungalow in the adjacent area。
A Jetta parked in the courtyard by the gate,Sister Huo came in and got the key,Water and food,Hello Chen Wenjin to get on the bus,Say:“Not very safe here,Don’t tell anyone about this car。”
“it is good。”Chen Wenjin estimates that the trunk of this car is likely to hide money,Sister Huo’s father does a shameful business,Illegal income cannot be deposited in the bank,Can only be stored in cash or purchased as gold。If you put it in the trunk,The car is parked in this farmhouse、Walled yard,The consideration should be that you can drive away quickly with money in an accident。
Sister Huo drove out of the yard,Close the side door again,When she got off the car, she pulled out the car key with,Obviously,She is very alert。