Watching Yang Yong get in the car,After his car starts,Wang Sulian just returned home,I was so angry I sat on the sofa when I entered the house,“This kid,why do you say so?Before his dad came,Playing with toys,Eat well。”

“This kid is too difficult to take,I did not expect,Such a small child,Can speak nonsense。”Xia Shuyue was also surprised。
“Hey,It’s not easy to be a stepmother。”Wang Sulian looked at Xia Shuyue sympathetically,Sighed。
“Yang Yong and I are just colleagues,You have to think about that。”Xia Shuyue had enough in her heart,Really helpless to mom。
“look at me,Be careful enough with her,But it’s not our child,No matter how good i treat her,She will complain。”Wang Sulian was sad on the sofa。
“mom,Don’t get angry。”Xia Shuyue was actually angry too,But you have to persuade mom。
“in fact,I am mainly not angry,I feel anxious thinking about your future,You have to get married in the future,Can’t live alone,But what,People without children will look down on you,Someone who is willing to be with you,Mostly divorced and brought her own children,It’s not easy to be a stepmother,What can you do later?”
Wang Sulian is telling the truth,But Xia Shuyue has a lot of things,Can’t care about future problems,Can only smile,“mom,Don’t worry about it,Who knows the future?”
“Can i not worry?I can’t take care of you forever,Waiting for you out of confinement,I’m going back to my hometown,what would you do?Alone with children,Still do business,The shop invites outsiders,Don’t stare,Can you rest assured?Moreover,That shop is not your money,Made a loss,How can you be worthy of Boss Zhang’s kindness?。”
Wang Sulian started nagging again,The content is the same every time,Say the same words over and over again。
“have what,Boss Zhang always takes his children to work,I can do the same,Really can’t do,Just invite an aunt,Don’t worry。”
“Your three kids,Your dad likes you most,But why is your life so bitter?。”
“What is your life?,Everyone has their own suffering,But you don’t know the suffering of others,okay,mom,You all become grandma,Should be happy!”Xia Shuyue picked up Xia Yunze,“Call grandma。”
“This grandma is not authentic,Is grandma’s life,Can’t turn over。”Wang Sulian took Xia Yunze in her arms,Tease him,“Yunze,Call grandma。”
Xia Shuyue knows,Parents want to be grandparents in their dreams,Although not authentic,Is it a wish?,At least in the hearts of parents,The Xia family has some successors。
After Cen Cheng finished the dinner,,Got three hundred dollars,Always happy,The scene is much better than expected,Everyone is very polite,No one treats her stubbornly,It was really just a meal with me。
Such a good thing,Keep her in a good mood,Get up early,Still very excited,Develop like this,It’s easy to make money,So she was lying in bed,Too lazy to get up early to report to the store。
“Don’t you deduct money if you don’t report??”Cen Cheng didn’t care about deducting that little money,She seems to see her future,Wealth is coming soon。