certainly,For Yue Yue,The performance of the foxho is definitely unqualified.。

Really want to say the Fox“Tutorial”,It is also subaped by the teacher.,Things after the argument of Zhengyi——Later delivery logic,Through transformation:As long as I am a friend,I just as you are a friend.,My friend is doing bad things I don’t support、Can persuade dissuasion,But must do what to do,Also don’t matter with me,I don’t help me.……
Weak、I am very active to promote them.,Forgot his start“Idol”Liu Zhengfeng——When Lao Liu and Xiangyang completed,First thing,That is, let the Yang Yang vow to hurt the five-year-old sword,The Yangyang also didn’t have to die.。
However, from the time of completion,In Chu Deire,Although the fox slammed the horses and the husband of Qiao Feng、Especially sensitive,It can be said that it is very small family.,But it is also a person who can be。
after all……
Even in the right path,Can be used to save the same way,Just people who live their own life as desperate,In fact, there are not a few,Linghu“Small”,Just put it in Qiao Feng、Guo Jing, etc. or righteous、Or for the country“Heroes”before,Can reflect out。
But Chu Dee’s past life,One vote of martial arts public account、self-media,By“The teacher is big”Feudal moral rebellion,Holding a constant black fox building heat,Even if you don’t want to see,Direct itself,Only。
Big arrival“Take the first power pig”、“Thick black shameless Liu Xuande”Almost routine。
“Tracker!Huashan Passing Mountain,Stay away。”
Chu Deiren just approached Huashan Mountain Gate,It was stopped by a young disciple.。
“I remember you……Are you a sixth sheet of Yue??”Chu Deiren looked at his shoulders and still squatted,Suddenly recognize him。
Huashan Junan Lu Da,Before the Chu Deirers have seen in the gold basin wash conference。
Lu Da has to listen to Chu deer recognized him,Sweat is flowing down,It’s not bad……After thinking about it carefully,I also recognized the Chu Deirers——Otherwise, the other party recognizes himself,I can’t remember the number of each other.,Isn’t it a face??
“It turned out to be Chu Hexia,But come to visit……kindness,My master goes down the mountain.,Not in the door now。”
Lu Da said half,In fact, it also reacted,Chu Deirers although the martial arts,The rivers and lakes are predicted and their little disciples are not at one level.,But with age,And his master should have no situation。
Perhaps it is coming to find Lin Ping’s narration.?Lu Da has some no big wants to go in……After all, he is now looking at Lin Ping’s incomprehension.,Just will not be rude in front of Chu Deirers.。
“It is also for this matter,I have previously been at the foot of Huashan.,Titting Tian Bo,I heard that the Xiamen went to Shaanxi to chase this tale,so……”
“what!not good,If he is in Huashan,Do he want to tiger from the mountain?”Lu Da has a surprise,Some panic,This is also a microcosm of Huashan fading.。
“rest assured、rest assured,I have already lost him.,Just also come to Huashan to inform,You can go to Shaanxi called Yue Xiamen back.……”
Chapter 134 Mu
Chu Deirers kill Tian Boguang,Come to Huashan School,Naturally been defeated。
Although the old Yue is going,Huashan train free,So from being taken by the traitor,But not what death command,If there is a high school in the rivers and lakes come to visit,Affirmation to receive。
What’s more, I am afraid that the Chu Deiren is worse.,After all, it is the new year this year.,but……Can’t live in people, it is killing Tian Boguang.,Come to Huashan to report,Solve old Yue Bai busy!
Such thing,Naturally, please enter the door.、Early life,Otherwise, Yue is not a group,To blame them。
However, so,It is also more exposed to Huashan School’s largest shortcoming——Elders too small!
Because the priests of the year,Yue Yue Group of unidentified disciples、End of the Qing dynasty,Not dying、It is the heart of the heart.,Otherwise it is divided,It seems that the secret of the snake is general,Staring at Yue Yue,Waiting for the roll of the sword。
Usage Huashan School,And Yue Yue Group,Only his lady Ningzhong,The other four pieces in the Wuyue Sword Pai can’t。
Even if Hengshan is relatively weak,I also have a constant mountain.,The strongest Lushan except the head left cold,There is also a 13th Taikity of the same generation.,It’s all masters who have already shot.……
Not only the lack of war,And like this situation,Yue Yue is not at home,The rest is a small generation,I want to be grand,Be unpredied!
Chu Deirers Although young,But in the rivers and lakes are also famous,Especially this time I also killed the thief Tian Bigu,And Huashan sent a snail disciple,Compared to below,One is passerby,A little bit lost a little bit、Yue did not want to borrow Tian Boguang before you,Operation、Strive to rush the monk,I still think about it.!
Fortunately, I didn’t pick these.,After entering the mountain gate,I will find the old familiar Lin Ping’s narration.,Still prepared, I will take him together to think about the cliff.。
Raudno, etc.……
“Two brothers!You have a idea,At night, the feast is not feast.?”Lu Da is most annoying Laudno。
Laudno is the largest in a disciple,Has been fifty years old,Biyue is not a slightly smaller,Because Yue is not in group health phases,So it seems that he is not a group of Yue.!
Laudno itself is a teacher,Naturally don’t make a big disciple、Heir,Moreover, the fox rushes is the orphan of Yue Yue couple adopted.,Call from the time,Really than Laudno,So Laudno is also in the disciples.。
“Feast is a feast,Just who can be the main banquet……This……”Laudno is also very tangled。
After all, the fox is still thinking about the cliff surface.,Huangshan School,Now in identity,It is actually his second disciple.,but……Not an old age,He came to the main banquet and could not press the scene.!
“or……We just say that second brothers are actually our uncle.?”Yue Lingshan has a little bit of childhood。