“Hey!Call Fang Fang and let her come,Haven’t seen her for so long,Really want to”Wang Lin suddenly said to Xia Jian。

Xia Jian drove the car,Glanced out of the car window,So he parked the car in front of a coffee shop on the side of the road。He glanced at Wang Lin and said:“Let’s have a cup of coffee right here!”
Wang Lin nodded,He opened the car door and walked down。Xia Jian got off the car,Wang Lin came over,Took Xia Jian’s arm。
The two go together,It’s a good match。Just take a closer look,Wang Lin’s dress,More cowhide than Xia Jian,Clothing is also a symbol of status。
As soon as they walked into the cafe,A waiter greeted me。Xia Jian found a place to tell the window and sat down。At this time, the sunlight just slanted in,Makes people feel lazy and sleepy。
Wang Lin threw her small bag on the lounge sofa,Then stretched,Took off the mink coat and hung it on the back of the sofa。Black long skirt,Two beautiful legs in black stockings caught Xia Jian’s eye。
Wang Lin stretched her head over,Lowered his voice and said:“Haven’t seen enough!Call Fang Fang quickly!”Wang Lin’s eyes,Xia Jian couldn’t control it。
Fang Fang just took a break,She took a taxi and rushed over as soon as Xia Jian called。Xia Jian hasn’t seen Fang Fang during this time,Suddenly found Fang Fang was thinner,The skin has also become dark。
Fang Fang and Wang Lin hugged,Took Xia Jianliang aside for a while。Two women are over passion,Fang Fang smiled and asked Xia Jian:“Mr. Xia!I heard you are busy recently!”
“I’m busy with you。Did you go out again recently?People lose weight”Xia Jian was talking and laughing,The waiter was beckoned,I ordered a cup of coffee for Fang Fang。Of course,This is the coffee shop,If you don’t drink coffee,There are other things to drink besides plain water。
The coffee shop has good heating,Fang Fang took off his long coat as soon as he came in。She sighed and said:“Went to the south,Stay for a month。Not used to eating,Sleep poorly,So people lose weight”
“Hey!Why didn’t you bring your part when I came here?,I haven’t seen”Wang Lin suddenly asked such a sentence。Xia Jian couldn’t help but glanced at her more,This woman didn’t know that Fang Fang was divorced long ago。
Fang Fang glanced at Xia Jian,Smiled at Wang Lin and said:“Left long ago,It’s been more than a year since I regained freedom!”
“Ah!As a good woman,Divorce not twice in a lifetime,That’s not perfect。Good leave,More freedom,I am your best example”Wang Lin laughed,Take the divorce very lightly。
This is the idea,Wang Lin can have this idea,This has a lot to do with her living environment。If people living in China,I heard my friend divorced,The first thing is comfort,It also means a pity。But Wang Lin didn’t,She also said that she was away。
Wang Lin is in a very good mood,So under her lead,Fang Fang and her are talking and laughing。But Xia Jian has become more calm。Besides listening to these two women quietly,,And add water to them。Look like a gentleman。
“Hey!I said Mr. Wang。You came back to China this time to see President Xia,Still say there are other things to do?”Fang Fang changed the topic,And started a joke between Wang Lin and Xia Jian。
Such topics are for ordinary women,May be a little embarrassed。But Wang Lin is very generous。She smiled and said:“I came to see him for one reason,The most important thing is to see everyone。Of course,Also need at work”
“Ha ha!Worthy of being a businessman,Even this time is calculated so accurately。This is what you call a rabbit,Kill two birds with one stone”Fang Fang laughed。
Xia Jian also interjected at this moment:“Time for others,Is money。So people like them,Can also be called a money man,All live for money”