Although for a moment,Zhu Minglang thought that Miss Xiangguo really didn’t know,But think carefully,She mostly pretends,I just don’t want the two outsiders to know too much。

“Yes,The yin spirit of the housekeeper,The hair is really wet!”Yin Lingshi girl Zhirou suddenly realized。
Left Yao country,Return to Runyu City。
http://www.fun525.cnLi Xinghua and Nan Lingsha have returned to the city,They saw Zhirou holding a tied tabby cat……
“This is an evil beast,Do you have any gains,Can you find the beast?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“Ok,Already driven away。”Li Xinghua nodded。
“Just drive away,Don’t you want to kill?”I wish Minglang puzzled。
Li Xinghua just answered,At this moment, Army Master Yao stumbled over,It looks like something big happened。
“Oh no,just now,Tu Guo declared war on Yao Guo!”Yao Junshi took a sigh of relief,Go on,“King Tu was insulted,The news is,Miss Yao Xiangguo, who should have been married to King Tu’s court, committed adultery with the housekeeper。”
First318chapter Beasty
Zhu Minglang looked at Yao Junshi in surprise。
Why do you walk on your own front foot,Their affairs are revealed?
Although I spent nearly a day on my way back。
Miss Xiangguo,Actually not stupid,She dared to talk directly to Zhu Minglang about her lover,Because she lied from the beginning,Even if Zhu Minglang and Zhirou tell the news,There is no evidence at all,Even people can’t get up。
Besides, Miss Guo’s reputation has not been very good.。