“God,Another god,You are looking for death!”

。Wonderful book house
First1636Chapter This is just a start.
Summer resort,Bamboo does not have a long time.。
Tell all all the best you know.,Just ask for a death。
Wait until he finished,Summer has the result of his life。
But his anger did not disappear。
Inverse,More and more rich,More and more strong。
He learned from the bamboo,The people who are light and dark,Not just want to shoot yourself。
And ask them to kidnap their friends around you.。
Liu Qingqing,Luo Qianjin,Qinling,Yunno,Su Xiaoxiao,Thunderous,Even Xia Xue is in their list。
How can this make him not angry?!
“God!You are looking for death!”
Summer face is full of killing,The cold mang in the eyes is like a cloud http://www.azhihua.cn in the clouds.。
He already decided。
Waiting and the estuary,He went to a trip to the island。
The gods don’t want to kidnap your friends.,Want to kill yourself?,Then let them be named from this world.。
He has a deep breath,I have dial a few calls in a row.,Then I returned to the ancient house.。
Next three days,Summer is nest in ancient houses without leaving。
Daily with the father chess and chat。
Two ear do not smell the window。
But the outside world is not so quiet。
These three days,About the river and one challenge summer,Already in the entire capital city,Complete yeast。
Make a lot of people and forces,They have gathered in Beijing。
It is a style of dueling.。
Especially http://www.15banglun.cn the island。
For them,This is almost equivalent to the event.。
The river is the most well,Also the most http://www.qdzncn.cn powerful level genius。
His challenges the opponent,Will be big,People know。
Although it is very high,It is not expensive,So far without success。
In the past few years,He has had a trip to Huaxia,Challenge the young generation masters of the big martial arts of China。
It is also the challenge,Let the estuary of the estuary in the island country to reach the vertex。
This time,It is said that the challenge is strong,The estuary will also use his portable weapons.,Book knife!
Many islanders are looking forward to。
The great power of Beijing is also looking forward to。