Community grid launched "Bright Sword Action", force the old community environment "big transformation"

Human residence is a "hard bones" in the long-term management of civilized city. As an important part of the "I am doing practical things for the masses", in the Nantong City, Nantong City, Hongqiao Street, Hongqiao Street, Nantong Each grid carried out a centralized rectification action, Gege Qi "Liang Jian", cleans more than 3 times, clean up the wild advertisement, more than 500 square meters, 50 people in the cadres.

Community green, beautification, purification, brightness is obviously effective, the masses have a sense of feelings, and the happiness is significantly increased. This year, the party committee of the Tao dai community has been investigated by the "carpet" investigation, and the establishment is strictly controlled by the increment, and the key task is concentrated. Liberation New Village is the old community in the 1970s, and the phenomenon of private charring is very serious, and many illegal construction is built on the gas pipeline. Long-term occupation of gas pipelines will make the gas pipelines are uniform, gradually lead to the deformation of the pipeline, cracking, thereby generating gas leakage. Community grid face-to-face and the masses preach policy, meticulous, patient communication with the masses, and finally the masses also realized the mistake, actively cooperating law enforcement personnel to remove the illegal buildings.

"Wanzhou gas pipeline is crushed, and there has been a leak explosion accident. The consequences are really not daughter, and they must be dismantled." The residents around the scene have said.

On the morning of November 8, the Hongqiao Street City Management Law Enforcement Squadron was dismantled to the illegal buildings of the 6th Puezronal Gas pipelines in the Tao duse community.

Up to now, there are 8 short brick houses, involving more than 300 levels, and eliminates the safety hazard of gas pipelines in time.

The environment is people’s livelihood, in order to further enhance the level of cities in the city, the community party committee has revolved around the "high standards, refining" concept, vigorously promotes environmental remediation, and the dirty chaos "bright sword".

"Boss, your store is poor, there is also a road to operate, please rectify as soon as possible!" The Community Party Committee will divide all the roads and back streets in the jurisdiction into a plurality of grids, and the main completion of each line. The vehicles in the grid are parked, and they will sell, the street shop small advertisements are posted, and the doodle, sanitary corner cleaning, etc. Create content. Nets holds the scope of responsibility to the responsibility, strengthen inspections, clean up garbage, and rectify dirty.

Up to now, the community party committee has dispatched 128 law enforcement officers, mener, volunteers, etc .; 80 times of law enforcement, cleaning, etc., discovered and disposed of more than 70 pieces. In addition, the party committee of the Taozai Community has also established a civilized creation of civilization from the main leaders, and the messets were strictly supervised every week, and the problem was rectified on the spot. Youth Middle Road No. 9 is a Tao duse community, Yuanming mesh, is the old community in the 1980s.

In order to further consolidate the results of rectification, the Nether Meadian Xu Jia organized the "Star Large" selection and "bright sword" to uncivilized behavior.

"Star Large" selection once a month. The assessment team is composed of the long components of the building, and the grid length is a team leader. The evaluation requirements are uncontoniously painted in the corridor, and the piles are chaotic, and the pour is poured; the households in the corridor have not occurred in the neighborhood dispute, the neighborhood is harmonious; each household is observing the law, which has a full understanding of civilized cities; It is accused of the building around the building; the building is recognized by the household.

At the same time, the entrance to the community has also established "good deeds", allowing positive energy to flash, and exposed unclear behavior. "The establishment of the" good deeds "is greatly reduced, and the residents throw garbage, chaotic throwings, etc. Inspire community residents together, participate in the enthusiasm of long-term management of civilized city.

"Tao Duan Community Party Committee Secretary" said.

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