Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China

Original title: How do thousands of people have sent Xinhua News Agency today, at celebrating the 100th Anniversary Conference of the Communist Party of China, the sincere gods have moved countless viewers.

  Thousands of people give a group from the city’s large primary and secondary schools, how do you practice thousands of people? The two Tsinghua University students in the delegation revealed the answer – "From the heart and must practice it over and over, until forming muscle memory."

  Guo Yongsong is a Ph.D. in Tsinghua University Social Sciences.

In March this year, the dedication team began to select, and he joined the dedication team. Guo Xiangsong did not read more experience before, from basic skills.

  Breathing is the first challenge for Guo Yusong.

"When reading the chest and abdomen, I will breathe in the chest and abdomen. It is" 气 沉 丹 田 ‘, this sound can be powerful, there is a bottom gas. "Guo Yumong said that he spent a whole week to find this strength, even the crazy gasping after running To experience this breathing method.

  The word is not only a recitation, but also needs emotional delivery, so the recitation is especially important for the understanding and experience of the word.

Tsinghua University invited the relevant teachers and doctoral salient teachers, many times to open a special lecture for the dedication of the team, and combed the major historical events since the party. "There is a" singing motherland "chorus, I deliberately checked the song author and creative background of this song." The School of Public Administration is studying the master’s degree in Master’s degree. I touched her. Before reading, listen to this song, love the emotions of the motherland, naturally integrate into the recitation.

  The rhythm of singing, the tone has a unified standard. All people have their own bite habits, strength, speed, tone, no problem alone, but thousands of people are reciting, as long as one person is afraid of seconds, they will affect the overall effect.

  Thousands of people, how to do it? Tian Shaojun, Guo Yumong’s answer is extremely simple: "I can only practice over and over, until it forms muscle memory." Take 2 times a week, training 3 times in the group, and there will be thousands of people in cross school regularly. " Not only must be hard, but also to pay attention to skills. For example, there is a paragraph in the word, and the leader is finished, "listening to party words, feeling hard to party, with the party", the group must recite "Tongxin to the party, go to the distance", the director marked between two sentences A gas mouth, all the groups should be replaced here.

In this way, the rhythm is guaranteed to be unified.

  The special environment of Tiananmen Square has also brought a small challenge to the players.

"When we all come together, we are in the indoor stadium of 10,000 square meters.

The area of ??Tiananmen Square is 440,000 square meters, which forms a reverberation, so the position of the station is different, and there is a difference in the time of the sound.

"Guo Yumong said that such difficulties can only be solved by continuous practice.

In recital technology, you must clearly simply, don’t drag, "Every word must stand up.

"Tsinghua University has tailored training programs for the quantity of the presence, each student’s exam, group, and class time have a special personnel coordination, and ensure that the students are in the hearts, and participate in the celebration of the celebration in the best state.

  "At the beginning of the new century of the party, we can use the national youth representative, standing in Tiananmen Square, I am very honored." Tian Shaojun’s voice, full of pride.

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