this moment,Uproar。

Not only was the Sixth Prince stunned,The three black blood masters behind him looked at each other,Even the three princes on the high platform,And all have big eyes and small eyes,Face dumbfounded。
Especially His Royal Highness Ning,Even widened his eyes,He never expected,Wu Hao would reject the six princes’ such good intentions。
King Ning who thought the defeat was set,I’m so excited,At this moment, even seeing Wu Hao feel very close,I don’t hate it at all。
Pause time,The expression on the face of the Sixth Prince Mili is extremely rich,Also vivid to the extreme。
He was taken aback first,Then from stunned to shocked,Turned into a bitter smile in the end。
“Wuhao,you,Why are you doing this?If you don’t have the position of this general,King Ning won’t let you go!It will be difficult for the prince to help you!”His Highness the Sixth Prince is begging,Maybe this blow is for him who is full of confidence,It’s too big!He can’t accept!
“This is my business!Your Highness, don’t worry!As long as Your Highness is not against me,Wu Hao will not be an enemy of His Highness!”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Casually。
I don’t know that the Sixth Prince still shook his head reluctantly:“Do not,not like this!If you don’t submit to me,You are dead!That person won’t let you go!”
“Wuhao,Many things you don’t know。There are people behind Liuyun Cthulhu,Those in sects,Even the prince must be afraid of three points,You will die!”The six princes are furious,Blurted out。
This remark。Those who are closer to the ring can hear clearly,All with a look of shock。
Everybody knows,Liuyun evil god martial arts conquering the world,Fierce flames,But no one knows,It turns out he is a member of the sect,There is sect support behind him,No wonder he has been able to run rampant for so many years and never stand,It’s not that he is really that invincible,But the strength of the sect behind him,Someone truly qualified to touch him,It’s all because of fear。
“Ha ha!Thank you six princes for your advice!I have an appointment with Princess Huanhai,After the tournament is over,I will go to Fashen City to discuss business,Stay for a while。As for my safety,Don’t bother the Sixth Prince!”Wu Hao smiled,Speak loudly。
Say so,The sixth prince’s face is a little slow now,I also understand why Wu Hao rejected him。