“okay!Don’t chase!I’m tired,I want to go home!”Wang Xiaomei shouted proudly,The five brothers stopped now,Back to my sister。

I’m not afraid of liars!Lu Menglin saw this scene,Secretly thought in my heart。
In order to take the little girl home,Five silly brothers drove two cars,In the end, for whoever rides in a car with my little sister,These five almost started fighting again,Even the security guards near the station are eyeing。
It seems that the people here are strong,As long as you don’t beat your head,Probably no one will care。
Lu Menglin naturally won’t be afraid of these five silly brothers,He always followed Deng Jiajia calmly,Got in the silly brother’s car together。
Very close to Xinhuang Town from Huaihua Railway Station,It takes about ten minutes to drive there。
The town is under the cover of night,Looks quite peaceful。
The car passed the school gate of Xinhuang No.1 Middle School,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but look twice,If not reborn,Prophet,I never thought of a place that looks so simple and clean,Such a bad crime would happen。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Two Ice rain
Eight o’clock in the morning,Teacher Deng Ping is the same as usual,Go to the Xinhuang No. 1 High School Stadium construction site,Because niece Jiajia is back,He has two hundred dollars with him,I plan to buy vegetables at night。
Until noon,Du Shaoping, the person in charge of the construction site, notified everyone of the meeting,Negotiate project finishing work。
Deng Ping came to the engineering headquarters,This headquarters is located in a remote place on the second floor of the entrance to the sports site。
The meeting went badly,Still focus on project quality and acceptance issues,Deng Ping is obviously silent,Because he knows that whether it is reasonable,Still shoot the table,Can’t solve the problem。
And he also heard,Du Shaoping releases ruthless words,Said that someone should clean him up。
Facing these unreasonable,Greed,Deng Ping no longer wants to communicate with them,He has made up his mind,There is only one way,Is to report to the superior。