The worker said:“never mind,I think I can go home now,But the doctor disagrees。”

“It is said that we need to observe again after a while, this gauze can be removed,Have to stay in this hospital。”
“There are a lot of things at home,Actually, I really don’t want to stay in this hospital,Mr. Xiao, why don’t you go and talk to the doctor for me,Let me go home early。”
Xiao Fan said:“This can’t work,Big brother,It depends on what the doctor said,What needs to be solved urgently at home。”
“Is there any place to spend money?I can help you。”
The big brother of the worker also turned down immediately and told Xiao Fan:“Okay okay okay,There is no place to spend money。”
“Injured this time。Mr. Zhou has already given us a lot of compensation。Enough,The place where there is no money is at home。”
“Her mother is at home。After all, I need a caregiver at home,I was thinking about going back soon,I can take care of more at home。”
Xiao Fan said:“Brother is okay,Don’t worry。If there is anything over there,I will help you, I will find someone to help you。”
“Then I will tell Zhou Yong,let him。Go to your house to help and then you can rest assured here。”
“When will you be better and when will you go home,And you are here and here,Live in the hospital,Isn’t he also paying you a salary?。”
“and so,Don’t worry about money, tell us if you have any difficulties,What can be solved for you must be solved。”
“Cause your work injury,We are really sorry。”
The worker said immediately:“Nothing nothing,Damn,No one wants this,injured,Also feel bad。”
“It’s okay。Please come and see me,Ah really。”
Xiao Fan said:“What’s the trouble?These fruits are just my heart,Eat more fruit when you are fine,Good for health。”
The big brother said immediately:“Thank you,Thanks for watching you come to see me,I’m already content,What else is there?”
“You are such a good person,Have heard,So we should all thank you for building our school for charity?”
Xiao Fan said:“It’s nothing。Children can afford school,Can have a school,I am happy too。”
“It is said that。There are many children here to go to school。Go far away,Because there would be no school like this,I suggest to do elementary school,Although not the best。”