Want to be here,Liu Guofeng and Zhang Qingtan looked resentful at the same time,To the biochemical man Carlo standing beside them。

Although I guessed that he was also acting,Maybe the command he received from the factory is this,But still can’t forgive this guy。
After all, everyone was born and died together in the red mist jungle.,Now actually tell them,Those partners are dummies,And also take on the task of spying on them secretly,This feeling,no matter who,Psychologically hard to accept。
Lu Menglin can’t accept this kind of deception either,He turned his head,The gaze fell on the face of the biochemical man Carlo。
“I know it’s none of your business,You don’t have to be sad。”did not expect,What Lu Menglin said,But not accusing,But relief。
Biohazard Carlo is shocked,Unbelievable looking at Lu Menglin,With surprise on his face。
Although he is a biochemical man created,But he also has the same emotions as humans,He also thinks,Also sad,Except for him, there is no way beyond the subject’s control,You can only passively transmit the data you see and perceive to outside the subject,There is no essential difference between him and real humans。
That’s why he feels guilty,He wants to use his own way,Warn Lu Menglin to leave in advance。
The subject can know what he sees,Data heard in the ear,But can’t understand the changes in his feelings。Biochemical man Carlo’s setting from the beginning,Is the leader of the team,And has an honest and kind character,It is also based on these personality settings,So that he can quickly be accepted by the team,Accepted by Lu Menglin。
but,It is precisely because of this personality setting,So he couldn’t see that Lu Menglin was implicated because of him,Even hurt,So he was at the last moment,Try to use your own way,Warning Lu Menglin。
“What will you do with him?”Lu Menglin looked at the red-haired Carlo and General Will,Shen Sheng asked。
General Will wrinkled,Hesitated,Did not speak。
Redhead Carlo smiled,Shook his head:“High class goods like him,After use,Of course it’s going back to the furnace to reset the identity,Save it for next time。”
“of course,If you like his version,I can also give him to you,As long as you are willing to keep him by your side,I am personally very happy!After all you are friends。”Redhead Carlo said with a smile。
Give a biochemical person exactly like yourself to others,Not only does this kind of thing sound abnormal,In fact, it is very abnormal。