but,If you let Lin Yuner admit counsel to Xiao Fan,I’m afraid I’m not comfortable again。

So,At this moment,Lin Yoona almost fell into a dilemma。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yun’er, who wanted to admit her but was unwilling,Xiao Fan was also amused。
Forget it,How to say this,The other party is also his own wife,I won’t continue to care about her。
then,After simple thinking,Xiao Fan said directly to Lin Yuner:“OK,Let’s stop talking about this question,We don’t want to,Let’s go eat something delicious,I heard that Tianducheng opened a new restaurant,It is said that it tastes very good!”
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yuner’s affectionate expression,It really made Lin Yoona warm up。
“Ok!Let you go this time,Next time you dare to tell me something,I won’t be like this,To give up on you。”
After Lin Yuna finished talking,,Just sit up straight,Then I’m ready to go。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yoona like that,I almost laughed out loud without holding back my smile。
It’s Lin Yoona, she can’t tell herself,That’s why she asked to give up this conversation,Why do you say this now,Instead, he said noeIt’s like her!
Originally, Xiao Fan planned to continue to talk about Lin Yun’er on this issue.,but,Now it seems,It’s better to pull it down,Otherwise,I should stop this topic honestly.,Otherwise,I’m afraid it’s Lin Yuna who is going to be like this again because of this。
“Good good,I know,My wife,Everything is good for you,Then next time I pay attention to this problem, OK??”Xiao Fan said with Lin Yoona。
Lin Yuner listened to Xiao Fan’s words,I feel satisfied,It looks,I am still very important in Xiao Fan’s heart,otherwise,How can Xiao Fan be at this time?,I said something like this to myself!
“Ok!This time it’s like that,But you have to remember,There must be no next time, know??”Lin Yuna said。
“Know it!Let’s go,Let’s eat delicious!Are you hungry?”Xiao Fan changed the subject。
Just listen to Xiao Fan’s voice,Lin Yuner’s belly made a few sounds very cooperatively“Cuckoo”the sound of。
And Xiao Fan also heard Xiao Fan’s voice,He also smiled awkwardly。
“Ha ha ha,It looks like my belly is far more impatient than I am going to come。”Lin Yuner smiled and said to Xiao Fan。