“Congratulations,The brain width is42,more than the36,Eligible to enter this trial base‘Baisle’,Because this is the first time the core channel has been opened in 50,000 years,Please wait15minute。”The sound of machinery。

Li Ming is happy,Core channel,He remembers in the information,Joao only passedALevel channel。Doesn’t that mean,The benefits will be far greater than Joao。But the same,BWhether there will be more risks?
quickly,On the side of the black hall,Opened a strange portal,The portal is like a mirror,It’s similar to the entrance door。
Li Ming walked into this portal。
Unexpected,A ray of light surrounds Li Ming,Li Ming couldn’t help closing his eyes。
And when the eyes are opened,Li Ming found himself in a black room,And opposite him,It is a bald crystal man formed by a large number of colored lights.。
“who are you??”Li Ming couldn’t help feeling nervous,Everything that happened in the remains of this ancient civilization has surpassed the technology of people on earth today!Even a powerful warrior,It’s not worth mentioning in front of this ancient civilization!Nature……In front of this crystal man,Li Ming is also nervous。
“Li Ming,take it easy。”A slightly metallic sound,Speaking from the bald crystal population。
Li Mingyi was taken aback,Asked:“You know my name?”
“Don’t be surprised,Human development on this planet is under my monitoring。Your writing changes、Cultural change、history,All under monitoring。Of course I understand your words、Language,Of course I know your name too。”The bald crystal man smiled,“In order for you to accept,I talk to you like a human body,Otherwise I can be in any form!”
Li Ming calmed down quickly。
Correct,I don’t know how many years this ancient civilization has existed,It’s not surprising to know the earth well。
“Your human technology is still in its initial state。”The bald crystal man continued,“I know all your information。”
“Don’t be afraid,I have no malice towards you。”
First congratulations,You have become a member of our meteorite。”
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