Lu Monkey stepped in front of Gao Wei,Ha ha smiled:“Don’t you kid don’t think you have two bad money and don’t know what your last name is,This is Pingdu,It’s not Bucheon,I can tell you,Pingdu,But our brother has the final say“Although Lu Monkey’s last words are very low,But Xia Jian still knew it clearly。

at this time,Gao Wei who refuses to give up,Suddenly he fought a broom by the wall,Chao Xiajian rushed over,Mu Rong Sisi sees it,Speak loudly:“I went upstairs to call the police“
“No need to,You let all these people go outside,Lock the door for me“Xia Jian said decisively。
Mu Rong Sisi hurriedly shouted to let everyone leave,When is it late?,The broom in Gao Wei’s hand has been split against Xia Jian’s head,Xia Jian a vertical leap,People have reached the other side。
at this time,Fang Fang has rushed in,She blocked Xia Jian and said:“President Xia!This kind of goods,Do you still need to do it yourself?Just leave it to me“
People in the lobby on the first floor,Was taken outside by Mu Rong Sisi,Xia Jian thought,Today I have to crawl these two guys here,Otherwise, I really thought I was a silly boy from a few years ago。
Gao Wei saw Fang Fang stand in front of Xia Jian,He rubbed his swollen mouth and said:“Little sister,Don’t look at your brother getting old,But very fierce,I’m afraid you can’t stand it“Gao Wei is smiling,Look at Fang Fang with two fascinated eyes,Really a dog can’t change eating shit,It’s this time,I can’t forget to molest a woman。
Fang Fang said nothing,A lunge rushed up,Facing Gao Wei is a punch,The degree is no less than that of Xia Jian’s previous punch。Gao Wei is also a veteran after all,Moreover,He has mainly been fighting in recent years,So skill is not bad,I hurriedly flashed around。
Fang Fang’s punch flew past the tip of his nose。Gao Wei couldn’t help being surprised,I didn’t expect a woman next to Xia Jian,Also have such a good fist。
Fang Fang punches fast,Close punch faster,The punch just retracted,Body is one side,Elbow,A few tricks,Although Gao Wei hides fast,But has been forced to the corner。
Lu Monkey sees the boss in danger,Even disregarding his face,Attack Fang Fang from behind,He hasn’t been to Fang Fang yet,Fang Fang seems to have eyes on the back of his head,Suddenly flying right foot,This kick just hit Lu Monkey’s belly,This guy was kicked“what!“With a,Back several steps,Sat on the shelf。
Gao Wei at this time,There is no power to fight back,Look very embarrassed,Hit again,But three tricks,He must be thrown to the ground by Fang Fang。
at this moment,Cai Li suddenly ran in,She shouted:“stop fighting!Stop“
Xia Jian sees it,Hurriedly shouted to Fang Fang:“Okay Fang Fang,Look at his embarrassment,Is it worth doing it again?“