Zhang Xiaokai is unpredictable,I heard a stupid,It’s full of expectations in your eyes.。

“correct,Have you already started school yet??”Wang traffic suddenly asked。
Zhang Xiaokai Road:“Not yet,Several days。”
Wang traffic nodded,Just on the first one,Winter holiday is really very long,and,Epidemic eruption,Estimate and have to put a long holiday,I have to arrange it.,Can’t let him stay all day and son.。
Wang flows to the living room,Side secret。
Dinner table。
Waiting for Zhang Xiaokai,Run the living room with the chopsticks,Jinjin tastes the TV after the TV,Wang Flow to find a chance,Asked Zhang Xiaoying asked Zhang Xiaoying:
“Xiakai how to achieve http://www.jiehuncheng.cn the school?”
“Okay,In addition to mathematics a little difference,Other courses can be,what happened?”
Zhang Xiaoying returned to the sentence,Look at the same starting,Holding a bowl and wants to follow Zhang Xiaokai to go to the living room.,Suddenly,Severely:“sit down,After eating, then。”
Wang Ying immediately put down the bowl,Wipe the mouth of the mouth:“I’m stuffed。”
Zhang Xiaoying turned a white eye,road:“How big is you? I don’t know if I don’t know??Sit down,Eat the rice in the bowl。”
Wang Yington was bitter,Sitting down, don’t want to pull a meal。
Wang flows up:“Mathematics??Um……knew,Nothing,Just want to give him something to do,Avoid his old home with your son。”
Zhang Xiaoying brows a wrinkle,Look at him:“How is Xiao Kai??”
Wang traffic laughs,No answer,Turning to Wang http://www.jsdongshang.cn Yingdao:“son,Is your mom beautiful today??Praise,Let you go to watch TV, let you watch TV.。”
Wang Ying’s eyes bright,Out of mouth:“Trough,so beautiful……”
Zhang Xiaoying immediately blackded,Glance:“What did you say?Tell me again.?”
Wang Yington shrinks the neck,A bit of a little unknown。
“okay,Watch TV。”Wang traffic touched his head,Wang Yingtun, like Datun,I jumped into the living room。
Wang traffic back and see Zhang Xiaoying:“I understand it now.?Didn’t you find it before??”
Zhang Xiaoying nodded,Zhang mouth, heard this familiar oral zero,Can she still understand?,Black face:“Heard a few times,I also told him that he would not say this again.,I didn’t expect him to have not changed yet.。”
“Someone is with it next to,That is easy to change?”
The king smiled and shook his head:“Xiakai is not changed.,But the son is still small,Purify the environment,Change is still possible to change。”
Zhang Xiaoying hated his eyes and was in the living room.,I don’t know what I will face. Zhang Xiaoyai,Bite:“I will contact him tomorrow.,Give him a resident school,Let him go to school in the future.。”
“do not,This little thing,Not。”
Wang flows up:“Xiakai this age,It is a rebellion,Sensitive,I have read a semester before.,Suddenly changed to the school,Don’t let him think,Hurt feelings。
Just take the son to learn two swearing words.,Not something big,Even if you don’t learn,Waiting for it, it is definitely it can learn.,No need to react so big。
Don’t worry,I am going to arrange it.。”
NS466chapter It’s not surprising that it is not surprised.
“Total Wang!”
“Wang University!”
Morning,Wang flows for many days,Go back to the company again,Get into the door,Various greetings http://www.afhymat.cn sounded。
The king is also a nodded,Rating straight to the office。
“Total Wang。”Tian Xiaoju hurriedly welcomed the top。