Postal Savings Bank Suining Branch struggled to write rural resolution "Postal Solid Requirements"

Li Wenzhong, a President of the Postal Savings, Suining Branch, held a discussion with the Village Task Force.The Postal Savings Bank Sichuan Branch is available in the afternoon of December 7, and the postal banks Suining Branch, Li Wenzhong, went to the Panjiagou Village, Beihong Star Town, and viewed the village citrus industry, the Lizhu industry, and the alcohol base.Farmland planning, etc.In fact, from 2014, the postal banks have begun to root 7 years in the village.So far, the bank is still a fixed-point helper unit in the village of Panjiagou Village.Looking back to the poverty, helping to successfully create a "provincial-level four-good village" story from 2014, there is no Panjiagou Village, this village name, after the construction of the village, Fresh Fantun Village, LejiawanVillage and Having Village were merged into Panjiagou Village.

At that time, Fantang Ping Village as a pair of help villages, traffic inconvenience, and villagers’ thoughts.

After the Postal Savings Bank Suining Branch undertakes the power of the whole, actively supports the leading poor housekeeping to take the initiative to take the initiative, hardworking and poverty alleviation. First, the first secretary is stationed, with the Suining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, completed the identification of 58 people of 193 people’s poor, and the document data update work.

Subsequent, some column initiatives continue to introduce new: multi-party financing funds, completed the construction of Fresh Family Ping Village kilometers; funding 50,000 yuan to add multiple office equipment for the village committee; under the support of the government, successfully implement easy poverty alleviation Relocation, build a centralized resettlement point, resettle 13 people, 48 people in the dispersion of 14 households; 30 kilowatts of the village committee to install the photovoltaic power generation, 300 meters to the village committee, build 7 Chinese copper Bay cement road 800 meters; flowing land 25 acres, developing an industry in the breast, white ?, etc. The introduction of 50 acres of Raybizi industry; buy agricultural machinery, excavation of wasteland and integrated land. Finally, in 2018, Fantang Ping Village successfully created the "provincial-level four good village", the village two counters have increased from the past weakness, and the ranking is improved to "comprehensive advanced collective".

Based on the revitalization of the country, "Post" I continued to be in the transition period of the rural revitalization in the village, and the postal banks did not slow down, continue to send the first secretary and help in Panjiagou Village, Shihong Star Town. Country revitalization.

Solden support, in fact, it can only be regarded as a miniature of the Huining Branch of the Postal Savings Bank to serve the village. In addition, the whole bank is also practicing financial assistance to agricultural use, through strengthening rural credit environments, the construction of Hui Nong financial services system, to create a harmonious, civilized, and stable rural social environment.

Statistics show that as of the end of November this year, the balance of farmers and loans in the whole line is 100 million yuan, which is more than 2020; the balance of the Pu Wei’s loan loan is 100 million, which is more than 2020.

The leader is engaged, and the financial support for rural rejuvenation into the performance assessment. In order to achieve the effectiveness of the poverty and rural revitalization, the four-level "one hand" in the county county county county county county, the postal banking bank, established a rural revitalization of the grassroots link, and the contact point is fixed. At the same time, maintain the existing help policies, the support is generally stable, and 1 first secretary, 3 resident staff in 2021, continuously promote the fixed point to help work, consolidate the help results. Open the "China Postal Savings Bank Suining Branch Management Performance Appraisal Measures", you can clearly see that the scientific scores of rural revitalities are 20 points, and the scores account for the business assessment indicator.

Take the village, strengthen the construction of credit system. The Postal Savings Bank Suining Branch has completed 376 credit villages, 1,070,000 subscribers, and the construction of rural credit system has been opened in the whole city, and the coverage is further in-depth and began to issue credit loans for the creditors that have been served.

In the new type of agricultural business main credit, 50 households were completed, and 10 Suining City were included in the construction of the boutique demonstration village in the credit village. Signing a letter to meet the national financing needs of agricultural enterprises. In Suining City Financial Institutions, the country’s development of the livestock and cultured enterprises, the 38-family pig breeding enterprises received the credit of 4.43 million yuan.

At the same time, through this signing, 13 household breeding companies can get new credits and increase the amount of information by 17 million yuan.

At the first return township of Suining City, the entrepreneurship promoted the rural resolution promotion, and the bank licked 4 million yuan to 4 companies.

Realistic silver, give real-proclaimed interest rate discount. In terms of credit resource allocation, it is preferentially guaranteed "two small" loans.

In terms of pricing licensing, optimize the approval process, save interest rate approval time, improve the promotion efficiency of poverty alleviation microfinance, and implement the interest rate pricing policy of the LPR + period premium to the Popular Small and Micro Enterprise Loan.

And reduce the rate of interest rates of rural revitalization agricultural guarantees, let the people.

Science and technology empowerment, broaden the service connotation meets the convenience of financial services.

Finance is the blood of economic development, technology is an important support for modern agriculture. In order to give a small micro enterprise customer credit accurate portrait, the small amount of "very fast loan", small enterprises "small micro-loan" two online chemical products are welcomed by customers, and customers can know the expense information in 1 minute. . The client manager relying on the mobile exhibition industry to provide customers with convenient service, carrying mobile equipment to send loans, doing on-site acceptance, approval, signing, lending, small loans full process digitization has been fully promoted. On the basis of the full-line service point service, there are 93 service points of e-commerce functions, and farmers can enjoy the same financial services as urban residents at home.

Financial innovation, innovative loan products rejuvenate new opportunities.

The development of agricultural development has been plagued by capital investment. In order to improve land use efficiency, the postal bank Suining Branch has opened the management of rural contracting land, as of November 202, the loan balance is 13.7 million yuan. Actively carry out product innovations in the development of risks of the country, food safety, pig breeding, etc.

Starlight does not ask the road, time is not responsive. The postal storeman is still a wind and rain on the road of the village, and it is going forward … (Tang Peng Si Lei) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.