In just a minute or two,Xia Chenglong took dozens of collisions abruptly,So that his spiritual energy can’t move quickly in the meridians。

If you come twice,I’m afraid I will die。
The problem is that in collisions,He was gradually surrounded,This situation is not so good。
Can’t exert all their power in the water,It can be said that he is in desperate situation at this moment,Completely powerless。
“Tut tut,Amazing,I fought these guys for so long,It seems that you have improved a lot during the time I was sleeping!”Shirao Appears in Time。
to be frank,Mr. Bai was indeed surprised,Because in his estimation,Xia Chenglong should persist until the third wave will end,And now it has reached the seventh wave。
“Humph,Head can be severed and flowed,Don’t bow your head in front of the old guy。”Xia Chenglong looked around,Very stubbornly。
“OK,I’m still catching your breath。”Mr. Bai was disgusted in his heart,“Don’t you want to know how strong my strength is?,Let you see now。”
“old man,You are willing?”Xia Chenglong asked happily。
As for the question,It seems completely different from the stubborn look before,It seems that the grand dragon king is inevitable“Really fragrant”This hard reason。
Xia Chenglong’s body hovered naturally in the water,Surrounded by pale beasts in all directions,Those guys seem to have an agreement,At the same time coming towards the most central figure,
If you look from a distance,I will definitely be shocked by the scene at the moment,Hundreds of beasts will drown the place where Xia Chenglong is in an instant。
In the next moment,The guys who gathered all flew out at the same time,As it flies out, it turns directly into powder。