As for Kelly standing behind Chen Geng·Hicks, Statham and other Chen Geng’s assistants、Bodyguards,Naturally, he ignored it——It sounds pitiful,Only Kelly can accompany Chen Geng to the White House·Hicks,As for Statham and other Chen Geng’s bodyguards、Retired former American soldiers,Piquet“Suggest”Stayed in this office of the Secret Service。

Chen Geng looked up at the wall clock on the wall,Nod:“Let’s go now。”
“Ok,please follow me。”Piquet nodded immediately。
Follow Piquet outside,A ready-made one、Full size with the engine runningSUVAlready waiting there,High passability、Equipped with large displacementV8Full size of the engineSUV,Once launched, it was loved by the Secret Service,In the eyes of the Secret Service,This kind of space is spacious、Huge loading capacity、At the same time through the powerfulSUV,It was born for their Secret Service。
As for Chen Geng,Look at this car in full sizeSUV,Immediately happy:You can hear the exhaust sound of this car,This Ford diplomat used his own“Magic claw”The publicly available Ford Diplomat special supercharger kit,Really……Fate!
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First609chapter American Dependence
? No postponement,Not in advance,Chen Geng and Li Gen(considering404risks of,I’ll use this Lee in the future)Meeting of the Chief,On time at three o’clock in the afternoon,Everything is in order——In fact, this is the normal state of the White House’s daily operations,If it breaks convention at every turn,Then play with wool?It shows that there is a big problem with the original strategy。
Li Gen is very busy,I don’t have time and effort to greet Chen Geng,After a few simple greetings,He asked straightforwardly:“Mr. Fernandez,I know you have been to Huaxia many times,I also know that you have multiple investments in China,and so,According to your understanding of China,Do you think Huaxia really intends to reform and open up,It’s still a temporary stopgap?”
When this is reversed,Just:Do you think Huaxia really intends to betray their socialism and join our capitalism?,Or do you think they are“Being in Cao Ying and heart in Han”,We make enough money and leave immediately?