Cai Li sighed and said:“You are a free man,This fierce marriage,Must be a little uncomfortable for a while,Maybe it will get better slowly”

“Hey!I feel a little sudden when you get married this time”Cai Li said,Suddenly the topic changed and asked such a sentence。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Unmarried pregnancy,It won’t work!”Xia Jian is here with Cai Li,Say everything。he thinks,Their relationship is not just classmates,But more close friends。
Cai Li heard what Xia Jian said,She just smiled and said:“Everyone has to learn to grow up。You can’t stay alone,Get a home,Give parents an explanation。Since married,You have to treat others well。Be your wife,Actually it’s a lot of pressure”
“Oh!What do you say?”Xia Jian asked a little puzzled。
Cai Li sighed and said:“You said so many women around you,And all beautiful and talented。Even if you are all together for a working relationship,But others don’t think so。Awesome,Too much, can your wife not remember this in her heart??”
“What you said,I really didn’t take it to my heart”Xia Jian finished saying this,Slowly fell into thought。Cai Li sits opposite Xia Jian,Sit quietly。
The two of them sat like this for about ten minutes,Cai Li suddenly said to Xia Jian:“My daughter called me two days ago,Said she agreed to find him another father”
“Oh!Is your daughter quite sensible??I feel so too,You should go one step forward。After all, it’s better to have a companion,Even if there is a fight, there is an opponent who is not”Xia Jian said in surprise。
Cai Li shook her head and said:“She is still young,Don’t understand anything。These things were all taught to her by adults,What is the intention,No one knows”
Cai Li speaks like this,Xia Jian didn’t know what to say。Xia Jian only knows,Things at Cai Li’s house are also very complicated。These two years,Cai Li did something on her own,Her husband’s attitude changed,To allow her to see her daughter。
Mother and daughter also have a chance to talk,But which pimple in everyone’s mind,Haven’t solved yet。For this,Xia Jian is just an outsider,So he can’t say more。
Such time,For people who are busy every day,Is indeed a luxury。Xia Jian insisted on being patient,Sat in Cai Li’s courtyard for most of the day。Until Guan Tingna called him,Xia Jiancai ran back to the company。