Song Fang screamed,Eyes wide open,She couldn’t help but roar:“What are you doing?Be careful I call the police“Song Fang said,Took out the phone from his pocket,As if to call。

Wang Youcai heard Song Fang call the police,He is somewhat afraid of the police,He couldn’t help but snorted coldly:“Fake serious,Don’t think that you look like a person in this skin,In fact, there is a bitch deep in my heart“
“Get out!I’ll call the security guard over again”Things have reached this point,Song Fang has nothing to worry about。
Wang Youcai sneered.:“Kind of,Don’t ask men to sleep。You deputy director,I don’t know what it was for”Wang Youcai scolded out of anger,Then turned around and walked outside the factory。
Song Fang’s tears rolled in her eyes,In the end she still didn’t let the tears flow down。She secretly vows,I have to live like myself。
Wang Youcai just outside the factory door,I saw Wang You slowly approaching in a Santana,This guy is also very bold,Such thick snow,Most people don’t dare to drive on the road。
“Big brother!”Wang Youcai waved to the car all the way。
Wang Yi sees Wang Youcai,He quickly stepped on the brakes,The car slid a little distance before it stopped。Wang roared with an impatient look:“You don’t stay at home honestly,What are you doing here?”
“brother!Come see you,By the way, borrow some money and spend money!”Wang Youcai said with a smile。
Wang You took a breath,Took out a stack of banknotes from his pocket,Took out two and handed it over。Wang Youcai glanced at him and didn’t answer,He said pityfully:“brother!It’s almost new year,What can you do if you give me two hundred dollars?A factory manager like you,You have to give me a thousand yuan if you don’t say so!Otherwise tell others jokes”
Wang Youcai deliberately raised his voice when he said this,The guard immediately stretched out their heads。
This Wang Yougi’s face turned black with anger,He drew two more banknotes,The low pressure said:“Five hundred yuan,Love or not,Don’t get out”
Wang Youcai hesitated,He is afraid that Wang You will withdraw the money,So I took it immediately,Turn around with money and run,Not even a word of thanks,I feel that this king should give him money。