He begged for mercy:“boss Zhang!Just let me and the dumb go!I will never do this again”

“You are such a fucking bastard,For a little dog money,I almost put Lao Tzu in。You speak!What to do about this?”Zhang Zihao gritted his teeth and said。
Zhang Xiaobei gasped and said:“boss Zhang,I can’t talk about this person,If i say it,Will cause more trouble”Zhang Xiaobei’s voice just fell。
Just listen to Lin Ling shouting loudly:“Let them go!I already know who did this”
Zhang Zihao heard Lin Ling’s words,He said to Zhang Xiaobei viciously:“It’s cheap this time, you kid,If you run into me next time,Then you are really finished。Get out!”Zhang Zihao said,Lifted his foot and gave Zhang Xiaobei another kick。
Zhang Xiaobei shakes,Whisper:“Thank you Mr. Zhang!I’ll be back home tomorrow”Zhang Xiaoquan finished,Greeted the dumb,Two got into the car。
“Zhang Zihao!This should be said to be the truth,Thanks for coming to help tonight”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Zhang Zihao smiled and said:“What did you say?You are friends,And Lin Ling anyway,She’s still my ex-wife。So this gang can help,First, the husband and wife’s kindness is still there,Secondly, I found my innocence”
Zhang Zihao finished,And led some of his personal strides away。Because the road is very narrow,There is no possibility of turning around。Just back out。
After Lin Ling and the two cars behind him all retreated,Only then slowly backed out。Xia Jian sat on the side and kept silent,He is waiting for Lin Ling to speak out by herself。
Wait for the car to hit the road,Lin Ling took a breath and said:“Sparrow catching cicada,Siskin behind。This trick you played is pretty clever”
Xia Jian did not answer Lin Ling’s topic,But asked softly:“Do you know the person who caused bad things??”
“Ok!“Lin Ling sighed and said:”No matter how big the group is,There are not many people who can reach me。I’ve guessed this person,Wait for work tomorrow,I just beat them on the side drum“Lin Ling talked about the door,The car drove forward like an arrow。
Arrived at the hotel,The car hasn’t stopped yet,Lin Ling received a call from her dad,I told her to rush home immediately。Xia Jian had to go back to the hotel alone。Looks like Lin Ling invited him to dinner again。