Starlight pressure,Li Ming installed the Emperor of Heaven into the magic weapon of suppression。

This battle,The thunder, the heavy rain, and the little rain is over。
Since then,The hands of life,The Emperor also had to bow his head。
As for the winter tour,Even his father-in-law has got a magic weapon,No right to speak。
but,Li Ming didn’t plan to be too difficult for these gods。
After all, they are from the Three Realms,Li Ming’s tolerance for them is much higher than the strong in the world prison。
not to mention,Dongyou Zhenxian formulated the order of the winter travel world,Build the Winter Palace,In a certain sense, it is indeed due to this big world。
Cangjiao God、Although the ancient whale god is a monster,But it’s not a sinner。
As for the Emperor,Li Ming is not good for long-term detention。
After all, the Emperor of Heaven was determined by Dao Ancestor,Just a lesson。
If this kills or is held for a long time,Dao Zu has to come。
finally,Li Ming made a deal with this group of prisoners。
Winter Tour,Now offended Li Ming,Don’t even dare to stay in the big world of winter travel。Now it’s a failure to compete for the big world,The Winter Tour World is owned by Li Ming,At the same time, half of the wealth on the body is used as compensation。
The Taoist collection in the heaven,Let Li Ming choose twenty Da Luo-level methods。At the same time, Li Ming is compensated for the formation resources of two innate best spirit treasures and the pure sun elixir.。
of course,Li Ming asked these gods and gods to go back,No magic weapon。