Xia Jian smiled,Thought,This woman really thinks of him as a coolie for a startup group。Do well,I don’t do what you do?Xia Jian quickly processed the two orders,Then he called Gao Deju。Gao Deju heard that Xia Jian was going to see Lu Wanting,She happily agreed on the phone。

The two agreed that Xia Jian would drive to pick up Gao Deju,Then go to Bucheon Women’s Prison。After hanging up,Xia Jian called Xiao Xiao again,Borrow the company’s black BMW。
“what?Where are you going to borrow the car?Just ask the driver to take you there。Didn’t return all night last night,Where is the old man, you can tell yourself“Xiao Xiao heard that Xia Jian was going out again this afternoon,Have to drive,I’m inevitably upset。
To be honest,Xia Jianyi came to work in the group,Her heart settled down steadily。Especially the few things he handled when he went to work,Make her a proud woman,I really admire the five bodies。Thus,The group facing the crisis has overcome the difficulties,Will start to dominate in Bucheon again,How can she be unhappy。
These two days,As long as she is free,Ran to Xia Jian’s office,Chat with him,Talk about work,He thinks this man is the Dinghai Shenzhen of the entrepreneurial group。
Xia Jian did not return all night last night,She doesn’t know why,I feel like something is missing in my heart。She kept calling,But Xia Jian not only didn’t answer,And there was no answer。It seems that he has no place in Xia Jian’s mind。
He wants to borrow a car again now,It’s hard to tell if you will come back that night,So Xiao Xiao tried his best to find the problem,It means I don’t want Xia Jian to go out。
But Xia Jian doesn’t care about her feelings about Xiao Xiao,Asked loudly on the phone:“Is it difficult to borrow a car?If it doesn’t work, I will borrow it from someone“
“All the way!You just drive away,You are a bit unreasonable now,I really don’t understand you“Xiao Xiao hung up the phone。But he called the guard again,Let the driver take the black BMW out and wash it well,Then fill it up。
At noon,Xia Jian and Xiao Xiao had a box lunch together,But after eating,He ran to the lounge to sleep,Xiao Xiao is bored,He went back to his office again。
Half past one,Xia Jian drove the car to pick up Gao Deju。When he found that the car was washed like a new one,And when the tank is full,Xia Jian’s heart is happy,It seems that Xiao Xiao still cares about him。Although they are a little unhappy,But that’s a thing of the past after all。
Connect with Gao Deju,Under her guidance,Xia Jian drove the car fast。Gao Deju sitting on the side is happy,She suddenly asked Xia Jiandao:“I heard that the girl you helped is pretty“
“Not a girl,Already married,But her husband has been away for two years,Is it a widow?!“Xia Jian’s understatement。Xia Jian understands the meaning of Gao Deju’s question,But he knew very well,He and Lu Wanting can only be good friends。
The road to the prison was not well built,There are not only less vehicles on the road,Not even a few pedestrians met。Gao Deju glanced at Xia Jian secretly,She said with a smile:“Lao Lu said you can drink special,Almost put the old demon wine gourd down?“
“Hi!I was brought down by him。Drunk and messed up,Unconscious,How did Uncle Lu go?,I didn’t even say thank you“Xia Jian said embarrassedly。
Gao Deju laughed and said:“I heard Lao Lu said which woman sent you to the room?“
Xia Jian saw Gao Deju look like this,Then he laughed and said:“I do not know anything,When I wake up this morning,Found myself lying in bed“