This is his current situation.。
He has not regretted the hand to help the golden father.。
Fortunately,It is Jin Ji nowadays, although it is unknown.,I must be safe.。
His face change。
I still don’t know what is going on.,I feel that I can’t understand the majestic itself attack.,The air suddenly drops to the freezing point。
The bullish chill,Let Hu Shoulong’s spiritual spirit,Whole people rush,Like falling into nine days in ice。
Fortunately, this momentous is http://www.bfehttp://www.cncoming soon.。
I disappeared in an instant。
Hu Shou Long’s consciousness,I saw it quietly in the summer.,Old faceless,I can’t see it is anger.,Non-dark eyes do not fluctuate。
Hu Shoulong is something uncertain, what is going on?。
But after seeing such an expression in summer.,Dark selfish。
“Don’t impulsive,Many people。”
He said with a low voice,“Even if you are lucky enough to save gold,I am afraid that I will leave.,Unworthy,I can’t get out of Chinatown。”
Toned,He sighed,“Ashui dares to betray me,It is his secret to Wang Tiger.。”
Wang Tiger?
Summer picked out the eyebrows,I feel that these three words are also familiar。
See him,Hu Shou Long’s mouth pulls out a self-grid,“It seems that you are really noble.,Wang Tiger is my opponent,I conflict with you when I was,I heard that Wang Tiger has found you.,I want you to be his hand and bodyguard,Later, I heard that you refused. ,And also conflicts with him。”
Summer eyebrows,So quick stretch,It’s a sudden color。
Hu Shou Longkou in the so-called conflict……In fact, it is a summer repair again and again.。
This matter naturally spreads out,After the summer, I was found to go to the door.,Want to join him to join a gang gang gang。
Summer naturally does not hesitate to refuse。
However, the tiger helping people think that the summer is not lifted,Want to hit the summer。
Results naturally,Those people are also repaired several times。
Later is forced to impatient,Find the leader of the tiger,狠 之 之 揍。
I haven’t finished this matter.。
However, it didn’t have a few days.,Summer finally arrived at the chance of Killing Tianqi Shourtaros。
The result naturally failed。
Not only failure,He is also chasing the world。
That one,Let the summer recognize the powerful and terrible,A few degrees of death。
Also let him clearly understand,Sensual single force,Want to revenge, like the sky。
Later, I went to Campbia.,I met A Da and I II.,Only the seeds after it。
Today, everything is,Take a pocket,Go back to the origin。